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OE Monomania is a weekly playlist of songs that are currently stuck in our heads. The songs we can’t quit listening to. This week, 2-1-16, we are listening to:

BBQ – “Agitated” (Mark Sultan)

Canadian rock legend Mark Sultan has played in many bands under many aliases, including The King Khan and the BBQ Show, who I finally saw live last year and was absolutely blown away. This morning, Mark dropped a new song on his Facebook (under Jumbo Lions), bringing back his solo moniker “BBQ” with a new garage rocker “Agitated”. Mark posted the following statement: “My new album, recorded in 2014, but delayed and delayed to make space at the plant for much coveted major label vanity reissues etc, will be out in a couple of months. Finally. I’m stoked.
This means I will be ready to do some solo shows in August-September. Write my inbox for offers worldwide. I’d be happy to play.” Well check your inbox Mark, because I know Atlanta would love to have you back. – MG

Beach Baby – “LadyBird”

Beach Baby is a four piece out of London recently releasing their EP Limousine (B3SCI Records, 2015). Their debut single “LadyBird” brings this post-punk shoegaze, alt-rock approachability to it.  Lyrically reciting a torrent love affair in a 20’s something mindset. The build and transition of the chorus, provide the excitement when stumbling upon a great song from an indie rock band that is doing something slightly different from the rest.  – LP

Black Linen – “Alone at Last”

I included Black Linen‘s self titled debut album on our best albums list for 2015 because it’s a truly stellar album, top to bottom. The album has a myriad of influences that Black Linen has taken from, giving them a unique sound from track to track, not quite sounding like anything else, but with their ears clearly in the 50s/60s. The best description is their music sounds like it could be in a Tarantino movie. “Alone at Last” is such an infectious single that I had to include it. It’s a perfect 60’s fuzz, surf pop rock song to have you swinging around, yet when it hits the chorus, the sounds fits smoothly into the best of modern day indie rock. It’s always good for repeat listens. – MG

Culture Culture – “RGB”

Atlanta’s Culture Culture released an EP in 2014, the “Ashton Kutcher, Come Back” single in late 2015, and now they dropped this new single “RGB”. This is such a little sampling of music so far but with what little they’ve put out, it already feels like they are surpassing more seasoned electro indie pop bands like themselves. “RGB” continues their exploration of 80’s synths, with plenty of interesting twists and turns where the band experiments above the average pop band, yet without losing the melodies, always swaying the listener along for the ride. The vocals are so smooth, with an R&B flair, at times edging it’s way through disco, motown, with a little Daft Punk or Toro Y Moi at his best. Culture Culture continues putting out singles that is a welcome hitting of that repeat button. – MG

Day Wave – “Gone”

I’m a sucker for dream pop and Jackson Phillips aka Day Wave is bringing just that. He’s done everything from mixing to mastering for Hard to Read, available March 4th. He’s also on the lineup for Shaky Knees this year if you want to catch him in Atlanta again! – JB


Her – “Five Minutes”

With the release of their debut mixtape Her Tape #1, details have started to emerge about the mysterious French duo Her. From Rennes in Northwestern France the duo of Victor Solf and Simon Carpentier have been called a mix of Jungle and Al Green by L’Express Styles. Like Jungle quickly gathered hype and blew up, Her is well on their way to the same path. They have this indie electro neo soul vibe on “Five Minutes” with a sexy groove of a baseline. While it’s such a simple song, it’s hard not to get addicted and want the 5 minutes the song promised while clocking in under 4. – MG

Joey Kneiser – “Heaven Only Wants Us Once We’re Dead”

What a powerful song this is. Taken from the Glossary frontman Joey Kneiser‘s third solo album The Wilderness (Nov. 2015 via This Is American Music), “Heaven Only Wants Us Once We’re Dead” is a modern country take on the inequality that still exists today, yet could easily be be heard as a powerful voice half a century ago. Kneiser told PopMatters the song was a letter for his bi-racial nephews. In the song Kneiser channels an anger and grit in his voice, building into heavy strums of the guitar providing a little kick, all accentuated by the haunting harmonies of backup singers and some harmonica becoming a soothing folk song that despite the sadness, anger and hopelessness, it feels like there is hope for a better future hidden in there. – MG

Kamasi Washington – “Change of the Guard”

“Change of the Guard” is a killer opening track to Kamasi Washington‘s solo album The Epic. This is one of my new favorite jazz albums. If you’re not already familiar with him, you might’ve heard him play saxophone on Kendrick’s To Pimp a Butterfly– JB

Massive Attack – “Voodoo in my Blood”

Last week, Massive Attack dropped Ritual Spirit, which was a pleasant surprise. And it’s been on repeat since I could get my hands on it. Lucky for us, these four new tracks are just the beginning. Another new EP is set to come out in the spring with a full album release sometime this year! – JB

Matthew E. White + Natalie Prass – “Cool Out”

Matthew E. White produced Natalie Prass‘ excellent debut album at Spaceland Studios in Richmond, Virginia. The two seem to share a love of old R&B, and here they decided to pair up once again for a duet, crooning together over late night secrets over a hush electronic drum beat. It’s easy to “Cool Out” with these two souls. – MG

Nev Cottee – “If I Could Tell You”

File this one in the “how am I just hearing about this guy” folder. Social media wins on this one with Instagrammer @ajweiner3 posting about Nev Cottee whom he discovered from @bonellicious. Now it’s in my ears and I’m loving it. The Manchester, England product’s latest release Strange News from the Sun released in 2015 is a thing of beauty. Described as a psychedelic symphony, “If I Could Tell You” sounds straight out of Laurel Canyon with Nev crooning over a transcendent groove that can heal what ails the listener. – MG

Nico Yaryan – “Old Gloria”

After his first single “Just Tell Me” started going viral, the former Hanni El Khatib touring drummer Nico Yaryan earned plenty of buzz at CMJ 2015. The latest track “Old Gloria”, off his forthcoming debut album What a Tease (2/26 via Partisan Records) proves Yaryan is a songwriter to watch out for. “Old Gloria” is reminiscent of Van Morrison where Yaryan shows off gorgeous folk rock telling the story of a woman that’s been scorned and is afraid age is catching up with her. Nico Yaryan’s howling bring an extra passion to the song that immediately catches your attention and sucks you right in. – MG

Quiet Hollers – “Mont Blanc”

Quiet Hollers is an indie alt-country post-punk band from Lousiville Kentucky recently releasing their self-titled sophomore album this past October. “Mont Blanc” is a beautiful short story of reflection of life before the inevitable end of something. The dark, heavy notes of the piano and Shadwick Wilde’s voice provide the overall tone of the song while the fiddle frames everything in.  The Quiet Hollers have struck a cord on how to succeed in mixing rock, alt-country and post-punk to be something great.  – LP

Stonerider – “Hologram”

Stonerider‘s new album Hologram, due out April 15th, is set to give classic rock lovers a reason to update their collections with something new. They would fit right in during the 70’s, yet feel more at home in 2016 as a purveyor of 70’s rock ‘n’ roll sounds. The lead single “Hologram” finds the band exploring their progressive, stoner rock side; psychedelic sounds with hints of Laurel Canyon’s heyday, a shout to Pink Floyd, incorporating their southern rock roots, and even a little 90’s rock thrown in. Let Stonerider’s “Hologram” help you zone out in late night haze, this is one you won’t want to end. – MG 

White Denim – “Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)”

Austin’s White Denim has continued to reinvent themselves throughout the years while becoming one of America’s best rock ‘n’ roll bands. This morning the group dropped their second single from their new album Stiff (Downtown/Sony Red) which comes out March 25. “Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)” finds the band exploring the funk with lead singer James Petralli providing some soulful vocals, 70’s guitar riff’s, sounding like funky southern rock legends, and having a damn good time along the way. – MG

Tracks currently on Spotify all added together into one easy to listen playlist that’s updated weekly from this list, sticking at 30 songs max from the last few weeks:

This week’s contributors: Jessie Brown (JB); Lisa Parish (LP); Mike Gerry (MG)


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