Album Review: The Pines – ‘Above The Prairie’


Founded in 2002 by singer-songwriters, David Huckfelt and Benson Ramsey, The Pines are an indie-roots trio with a message to deliver. The two guitarists were later joined by talented piano player, Alex Ramsey, who has been with the group since the release of their first album, Pines, in 2004.

Now, upon the release of their 6th album, Above The Prairie, it seems the trio has learned to perfectly craft their sound. Wielding a mixture of intricate guitar picking and a gift for lyrical storytelling, The Pines’ newest album slides into the unique crossroads of the indie-folk genre like a traveler seeking new scenery.


Upon reviewing my advanced copy of Above the Prairie, I am immediately hit with the notion that The Pines have touched on a sound that blends elements of numerous genres. Their newest album touches on the desperate, passionate vocals of Passenger combined with the rawness of Bob Dylan, occasional Celtic undertones, and a soothing whispering that is all their own.

A personal favorite from the new-release is, “Hanging From The Earth”. Audiences are painted a scene of a heart-broken wanderer, with a sense of nostalgia for the girl he can’t have. The song’s tempo is quick with an easy flow of purposeful lyrics. Other noteworthy numbers include “Where Something Wild Grows” where we are met with raw vocals unmatched in the other tracks and “Here”, which begins with a one-minute, thirteen-second musical introduction littered in Celtic undertones, immediately followed by a haunting vocal chorus.

The Pines lyricism and melodic talent resonate with listeners, insisting on bringing audiences to an emotional forefront. If you were a fan of them before this album release (and even if you weren’t), I highly suggest picking up a copy of Above The Prairie. Be sure to catch them in concert at Eddie’s Attic on February 9th, as well, for the chance to hear them live!

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