LIVE REVIEW & PHOTOS: Alvvays @ Terminal West Atlanta 10-11-17


Out supporting their breathtaking new release, Antisocialites, Alvvays rolled into Atlanta to play their third show in as many years, to a sold-out, packed to the rafters crowd at Terminal West.

Alvvays @ Terminal West Atlanta 10-11-17After generating quite a buzz with their self-titled debut record and their catchy first single, “Archie, Marry Me” the band continues to expand on their sound, bringing with it expansive lush arrangements while keeping the songs crisp and catchy throughout their new record.

Alvvays @ Terminal West Atlanta 10-11-17From the moment the band hit the stage the crowd was up and dancing and singing along to every song and judging by the audience’s enthusiasm and the bands absolutely killer form, you could’ve been tricked into thinking this was a band that was well into their career. The crowd was simply euphoric from start to finish.

Alvvays @ Terminal West Atlanta 10-11-17While the band whips up a huge sound on their records, equal parts shoegaze buzz and Molly Rankin’s candy coated soaring melodies, live the band really brings the energy up another level with beautiful vocal harmonies mixing with keyboards and the band’s jangly dual guitars. Mix that with the fragmented, lo-fi projector, in-concert video effects, the band really transported the room into a rich other-worldly experience.

Alvvays @ Terminal West Atlanta 10-11-17The band kicked off their set with the 1, 2, 3 punch of “Saved by a Waif” from Antisocialites, “Adult Diversion” of their self-titled release and “In Undertown,” one of their new singles off of their new record.

Alvvays @ Terminal West Atlanta 10-11-17From there the band ricocheted between their 2 records for the entire set, with the occasional banter between songs. “Did anyone catch us on the Adult Swim Fishcenter?” they asked.

Check it out here –

Alvvays @ Terminal West Atlanta 10-11-17With the energy high and most of their songs clocking in under 4 minutes it was no surprise that 14 songs flew by in 55 minutes and the band headed off stage for a quick break before their encore.

Nap Eyes with Alvvays @ Terminal West Atlanta 10-11-17Kicking off the show was Nap Eyes from Halifax, Nova Scotia. On stage, the band strikes an unassuming profile with a slacker vibe, downcast eyes, and laid back vocal phrasing, but the effect is sharp and jagged bringing to mind bands like 70s-era Televison, Yo La Tengo, Luna and at times Pavement. Their new record, Thought Rock Fish Scale is a perfect listen for late nights and long car rides and the same can be said for their live show with the crowd swaying along their entire set.

Nap Eyes with Alvvays @ Terminal West Atlanta 10-11-17

Nap Eyes

All photos by John McNicholas

Nap Eyes with Alvvays @ Terminal West Atlanta 10-11-17

Alvvays Setlist

Alvvays – Set list:

Saved by a Waif
Adult diversion
In Undertow
Plimsoll Punks
Lollipop (Ode to Jim)
Not my baby
Atop a Lake
Forget About Life
Your Type
Ones Who Love You
Archie, Marry Me
Dreams Tonight
Party Police
Next of Kin
Trying to be Kind (motorcycle boy cover)

Alvvays @ Terminal West Atlanta 10-11-17



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