Big Brutus Announces New Album & Shares 1st Single “Consumer Machine” via Paper Garden Records


Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Sean Bryant, aka Big Brutus, has just announced his latest record, America Circa, will be out October 6th on the stellar Brooklyn-based indie label Paper Garden Records. With the announcement, Big Brutus has released the first single from the upcoming album, “Consumer Machine”.

Big Brutus Album Release Show @ The EARLAfter releasing Big Brutus‘s sophomore LP, The Odd Willow, in early 2017, Sean Bryant took a trip that affected his need to write songs, and work on getting these new songs out into the world quickly. In late spring/early summer, Sean embarked on a bicycle tour up the East Coast, raising money for the International Rescue Committee. He took this time alone on the road to talk with as many folks as he could, listening and experiencing. Living in these decisive times of a divided America, the hard, but rewarding, trip was a chance for Sean to re-connect with fellow Americans; people of all walks of life. His newfound and renewed perspective from the journey is what has become his newest album, America Circa.

While Big Brutus’ previous two albums involved themes of love, loss, death, and purpose, on America Circa Bryant focuses on today’s America – calling out and diving into the racism, oppression, and political corruption that’s happening all around us. If the first single “Consumer Machine” is any indication, this new found inspiration for Bryant is a step forward in the evolution of Big Brutus, all while building upon what the songwriter and guitarist has done in the past.

Big Brutus @ The EARL - Atlanta - 8/5/17Big Brutus’ music has always had a way about it. The songwriter can be singing about somber themes with moments that attack the darkness and you feel the full weight of the song, while at the next moment, Bryant’s songs will breeze you along; catching you before you hit the proverbial floor. As such, “Consumer Machine” has the familiar Big Brutus way about it – starting with a breezy rhythm as Bryant sets the stage of the machine we call life as each day passes by. The song looks at the consumeristic world we are living in, and the role that gentrification plays to the inequality divide that continues to grow. When the chorus hits, Bryant laments “But I pray oh God where are you now? / Buying up commercial spots on the other side of town”, hitting harder on the emotion of the song. Wrapping up “Consumer Machine” with a stunning sax built over noisy howls in the background, it’s clear that this is world we are living in, all while we continue to try to carry on with our personal lives day to day. This is what’s happening all around us. It’s up to us whether we choose to take notice. And action.

Like many of Big Brutus’ songs, “Consumer Machine” is full of new little intricacies found with each listen, we recommend starting with the official video that perfectly captures the song:

America Circa is out on October 6, 2017 via Paper Garden Records

America Circa TracklistBig Brutus Announces New Album, America Circa Out October 6th on Paper Garden Records
01. Fall
02. Hard Times for Ginnie Wade
03. -Commercial Break-
04. Consumer Machine
05. I Was Just Leaving
06. Oxidized Lime
07. -A Word From Our Sponsors-
08. Pyrrhic
09. America Circa
10. History
11. -End Credits-

Upcoming Tour Dates

Sat, Sep 9 – LANTERN HALL – Brooklyn, NY
Sun, Sep 10 – ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL – New York, NY

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