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Eddie’s Attic is one of the favorite places for a lot of Atlantans to spend an evening. It does not necessarily need to be a weekend night, the performances at Eddie’s Attic are great regardless of the day of the week.

Birdtalker at Eddie's Attic

Thursday night, the 2nd of March was no exception as Eddie’s Attic hosted Birdtalker. The venue seemed to be packed to the extent that there was not even a square inch of space left. People were pumped and excited about the event.

Birdtalker at Eddie's Attic

Birdtalker is a young band from Nashville that consists of close friends – this is exactly what makes the band feel warm and welcoming to the audience. Zach and Dani are married, and it was them who started playing the music first. Other band members – Andy, Brian, and Jesse – added their talents to the band a little later. All five of them are extremely talented in what they are doing and it brings a lot of fruit in terms of how the Birdtalker music sounds.

Birdtalker at Eddie's Attic

Birdtalker is exceptionally sincere and vulnerable in what they are telling the audience with their music. One of the most vibrant examples of such vulnerability and honesty is their song “My Lover”. This is the song about the relationship of Zach and Dani. As a preamble to the song, they both shared some of what they were going through in their relationship and how they came to the realization that something was supposed to change. It was on one of those nights together talking to each other and analyzing everything that Zach picked up the guitar and started playing. That’s how “My Lover” was born. From that moment on Zach and Dani choose to stay up front and tell their story to those who would listen.

Birdtalker at Eddie's Attic

Sincere and vulnerable – this is what Birdtalker is for the audience in Atlanta too.

Birdtalker at Eddie's Attic

Nowadays the world seems to be willing to move away from all the fakeness of a lot of what happens on stage at times. Honest people openly telling their stories through their songs are now valued more than ever before. Birdtalker is one of those bands that appreciate the values of people. And the people, in turn, pay back with love and loyalty. /- Alisa Malkova

Check out Alisa Malkova’s photo gallery of Birdtalker at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta:

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