Bowery South Presents Algiers At Terminal West


Tuesday night brought something to Terminal West that even words can’t truly express the experience of the evening. Algiers is the band that brings you in to teach you something you weren’t expecting, in a way that you couldn’t anticipate. They turned the Terminal West stage into a pulpit that night, and we were all spellbound by his verse.

Algiers at Aisle 5

Algiers at Terminal West

The Atlanta natives of Algiers consist of vocalist/guitarist Franklin James Fisher, bassist Ryan Mahan and guitarist Lee Tesche. They are the band that creates this music that speaks to people with hints of soul, gospel, post-punk, experimental rock and a touch of hip-hop. The music is paying homage to southern gospel while tackling the dissolutions of southern views. Algiers released their self-titled album in June of this year on Matador Records. It’s raw, truthful, and complex. It’s meant to inspire the mutiny. It isn’t here to kiss you on the forehead and tell you everything is going to be ok. It’s here to kick you in the ass to say “enough is enough”. The music has its own heartbeat, pulse, and soul. It’s not tender-hearted; it’s shocking in a way to seize your attention.

Algiers at Aisle 5

This was the second time Algiers have been to Atlanta since the release of their first album. From the moment they stepped on stage, you could feel the anticipation within the room. The minute the music started, and Franklin began singing, you can see the spirit come through the microphone reciting a gospel of today’s issues. Algiers are artists working on stage. With every verse, it’s a stroke to the canvas, revealing a little more of the masterpiece with every song. Opening with “Black Eunuch” and starting the set with a heavy energy to the beat of their hands and feet creating the intricacies of the work. Franklin’s verses were taking us to church whether you wanted to go or not. Your ears are wide open, ingesting the sermon the band is delivering. You feel the intensity and the passion with every note, with songs like “Claudette” and “Remains”. You see the intensity in Franklin’s face as he skates across the stage closing his eyes, his fist in the air while shaking his head delivering the lyric to the powerful ballads. This isn’t that show to depress you, it’s here to make you understand the happenings of today’s world, and in a way only Algiers can deliver. The climax of the evening was the dance-worthy songs “Irony. Utility. Pretext.” and “And When You Fall”. Bringing us to our feet while listening to his scripture. Algiers closed the evening with “But She Was Not Flying” and “Blood”. The intensity of both songs brings the listener in, drinking in every word while Holding onto the verse of Franklin’s voice.

Algiers at Aisle 5

“Liquor stains your table/Women change you bed You rise on Sunday morning Just like the living dead/ Your Hell is fornication/Your Heaven is the same/But master is complacent/So all my blood’s in vain.”

Algiers at Aisle 5

This was the part that no words can appropriately describe or give the justice it deserves. Algiers brings an element to a show that is jaw dropping and stunning. The soul comes through to define the music while the punk delivers the intensified injustices they are trying to define. Algiers are the TRUTH! They speak to you loud and clear, as long as you are willing to listen. Their music is living, breathing art. It’s a revolution through music.

Algiers at Aisle 5

Have we convinced you just how good these guys really are? Still need convincing? Take a look at our review from their Album Release show at The Earl back in June HERE.

Algiers at Aisle 5

Algiers at Aisle 5

Check out Algiers performing “Games” in a softer moment below:

Check out Algiers “But She Was Not Flying”:

Photos by Mike Gerry. Check out more pictures from Algiers at Terminal West below:

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