Bowery South Presents: Hundred Waters with Mitski at The Earl


Review & Photos By: Mike Gerry

Having just arrived home from Savannah Stopover, 3 amazing days with tons of shows, and currently on Day 7 of a music bender, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to getting off the couch and off to a show. While I had been looking forward to checking out Hundred Waters for a while, it was just one of those nights where I wasn’t sure they could hold my attention, not thinking about being right back home.  It was going to take a band that commands your attention to get me out of the wore out funk I was in.



Arriving in time to see Brooklyn songwriter Mitski before Hundred Waters, I was hopeful this more unknown artist could grab my attention. What I got was an interesting lo-fi, folk rock. The songs at times were soft and sleepy, honestly something not needed at the time. But she did have some interesting stuff that could have gotten me any other night. Mitski did end with an emotional, screaming, but subtle punk number that kept the crowds attention. Mitski is on the radar now, and that was about all I could ask for on a night like this.

Hundred Waters

Hundred Waters

After a 30 plus minute wait to get the Hundred Waters lights working properly, the night was over for me. I was beat and ready to hit the bed and this delay wasn’t helping. But I was there and had to stick it out.

Hundred Waters-20

Once Hundred Waters came on, they immediately grabbed my attention. They are so loud, full synths, and drums, all filling the room. With sounds that are so chill, led by the subtle singer Nicole Miglis, it actually can catch you off guard by just how loud they get. Her voice is a beautiful, and she gets lost in the music, dancing around stage, hitting every emotional note, unaware of what’s going on around her.

Hundred Waters

Hundred Waters

This show was right where I was supposed to be. My couch was a distant memory, there was only right now. At times you just wanted to get up and dance along with her. The crowd gave a standing ovation and cheered for more past the encore. We didn’t want the night to end. Next order of business, hope to get some sleep coming off that concert high, and onto day 8 of the music bender. Let’s do it again soon Hundred Waters!

Hundred Waters-13Hundred Waters-18Hundred Waters-19


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