Bowery South Presents: The Lone Bellow at Terminal West


Quick Review and Photos By: Mike Gerry

The Lone Bellow powered through an over 2 hour long set in Atlanta tonight at Terminal West They were a highlight at last year’s Shaky Knees festival. We just experienced again what we already knew, this is one great band to see live. It doesn’t matter who takes lead vocals, the passion always shines through. It’s music that just makes you want to hug those around you, and share the moment in.

There were singalongs, hands clapping, musicianship, passion and plenty of sweat. They played most songs from their first two albums and also during the encore, a “Strawberry Wine” cover (what), Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be” cover, jokes of Bombs over Baghdad cover, and more.

The Lone Bellow ended with “Teach Me to Know”. It’s so impressive how they are able to suck people in, having them totally entranced with the music, dancing away.

The Lone Bellow is one of those bands that are impossible not to love, support, and cheer for, whether you like their music or not.

Go see for yourself at a venue near you.


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