Casey Dubie comes to grips with her nomadic ways


Casey Dubie, a 23 year old singer/songwriter from Essex Junction, VT, presses onward amidst present and future uncertainties with “Fugitive,” a song off of her newest EP, Strangers (recorded in Nashville, TN with Micah Tawlks of MYZICA).

Dubie, the daughter of small-town maple syrup farmers, first exhibited her endearing folk prowess through the writing and recording of two EPs during her formative years in the Green Mountain State. Time at Wheaton College, and a resulting semester spent in Nashville during the fall of 2014, prompted a further invigoration of her once simple vocal/acoustic pairing. Surrounded by a new crowd of musical influences, Dubie found her sound enhanced, not undermined, by the accompaniment of other musicians, and as a result, electronic textures, weightier lyrical themes, and full-band arrangements made their way into the songs that would later become Strangers (released in 2015). Far from crowding out the characteristics that made her songwriting distinctive, these additions only bolstered the melodic competencies that Dubie had already spent years refining.

“I’m like a fugitive, always on the run. And I’d rather be distracted, then face you head on.”

“Fugitive,” in a vein similar to that of lead single “Motion Sick,” finds Dubie comparing her own stop-and-go lifestyle with that of a fugitive — who, instead of confronting her pursuers directly, uses the evasive mechanisms at her disposal to keep the inevitable at bay. Like many of her millennial counterparts, Dubie relays her experiences of being pushed and pulled by a growing array of distractions, all while yearning to make a difference with the time and opportunities that she’s been given.

Luckily for us, Dubie seems undeterred by the hazy path in front of her. With a substantial set of new material, a supporting band made up of close friends, and a slew of recently-announced tour dates spanning the Pacific Northwest (with a final stop in Minneapolis, MN), Casey Dubie is forging ahead into uncharted territory. And with such a decisive step forward — she may come to find solace in her nomadic ways after all.

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Casey Dubie Tour Dates

Casey Dubie Tour Dates

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