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On Friday, March 24th, Atlanta-based duo CLAVVS released their stunning sophomore album World Underwater with a special celebration at Aisle 5 in Little Five.

CLAVVS @ Aisle 5Since first storming on the scene with their debut album Halfblood in early 2016, CLAVVS quickly became one of the most promising acts to come out of the Atlanta music scene. After all, they have the lineage with one half of the duo, producer Graham Marsh (CeeLo Green, Bruno Mars, Ludacris, etc.), being a four time Grammy-award winner and the other half being Amber Renee, who provides the sultry vocals to Graham’s beats. Over the last year and a half, the duo has garnered a ton a streaming plays, with music sites around the world talking about their hypnotic trip hop; they’ve expanded their reach well beyond Atlanta.

CLAVVS @ Aisle 5Over the last few months, the alt-pop duo have released 6 singles ahead of the new 10 track album, World Underwater. Each of the new singles pops even further than the debut, showing a band that’s really found themselves, and given their fans even more excitement for the sophomore release.

Live at Aisle 5 though, the band really showed what makes the duo so special. Graham’s beats are absolutely entrancing. Graham fills the room with big spinning beats throughout the night, but it’s the small details that bounce and pop right out of the big beats in the live setting, spreading throughout the room and totally enamoring the audience. Amber on the other hand, takes the songs and makes them into a seductive masterpieces they’ve become. Amber is one of those strong female lead vocalists that sings of empowerment that’s needed so much in today’s landscape. She comes off as sweet and kind, but not afraid of the power that comes with the stage and platform she has. Combine all of this into one live setting, and you have a duo that can leave a lasting impact.

As CLAVVS worked through most of the songs from World Underwater that night, they definitely had me. The singles were on point. “Siren”, which hadn’t been released as a single ahead of the album was a particular stand out among the newer songs. The lights were flashing all around the venue, changing angles and colors, a perfect pairing to the music being put out on stage. It was enthralling, and hard not to get wrapped right into. But I quickly realized it wasn’t just me. As I stood right in front of the stage, taking photos of the show, a young girl tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I could scoot over and let her up up front, because CLAVVS meant so much to her. Of course I obliged, as her and 3 friends jumped right in, singing along with Amber, feeling every single lyric with the band and the audience. You could see the impact that CLAVVS has already had on these young girls, and on the day the album was officially put out into the world, they already knew and FELT every lyric. The single “Girl” was one of those songs where impact was obvious. With lyrics like: “you are a weapon to the world, spit out your magic and be heard”, man, women, transgender, whoever, CLAVVS left a lasting influence at Aisle 5 that night. The audience sang, danced, and generally had a night of being lost in the music. Really, what more can you ask for?

CLAVVS set Aisle 5 on fire during that night. They left no doubt on the table, the buzz is real and well deserved. While some melt under the buzz, CLAVVS have embraced it and turned it into one of the year’s most compelling new albums. But don’t just take my word for it by listening to their album on streaming services, level up and see it for yourself live and in person the next time CLAVVS comes through your city. The band will leave you reeling for days after their live performances, only wanting more.

Check out Mike Gerry’s photos of CLAVVS World Underwater album release show at Aisle 5:


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