PREMIERE: CLAVVS New Single “Bloom” + Sophomore Album Title Announced


If there is one band ready to blow up behind their upcoming sophomore release, Atlanta trip hop duo CLAVVS (pronounced “claws) is primed and ready to take the next big leap. Today they have released the title of that forthcoming album, World Underwater, set for release in spring 2017. 

After all, they’ve already released two stellar singles from the World Underwater in “Glass Skin” and “Serpentine” over the last few months, after initially gaining traction on their hypnotic debut. Comprised of four-time Grammy-winning producer Graham Marsh (CeeLo Green, Bruno Mars, Ludacris, etc.) and writer & vocalist Amber Renee, CLAVVS released their critically received debut album halfblood in early 2016. Each song from the debut charted on Hypem, while CLAVVS boasts 130K+ Spotify and Soundcloud plays in addition to plenty of radio play. The duo has also been praised in myriad regional & international press and were featured in the international TV series The Music Voyager alongside Janelle Monae (watch clip here), while they were also named Best Progress Pop Act by Atlanta’s Creative Loafing.

It’s clear that Graham Marsh knows his way around sought after hip hop style beats, but with CLAVVS, Marsh is able to experiment outside of the norm, with something that is his own, alongside the sultry and haunting vocals and lyrics that Amber provides. The two make a formidable team whose songs could fit nicely on modern radio, or pumping up a late night dance party at the club, or yet even blasting over the speakers at your local indie loving watering hole.

The evidence is all there pointing to the meteoric rise of CLAVVS, but if that isn’t enough, let your ears feast on the striking new single “Bloom,” from World Underwater, which we are extremely excited to share today. 

The song starts with birds chirping in a jungle, before the vintage synths and heavy drum beats jump in as Amber’s forceful yet seductive vocals stand up to the task with: “When you’re born to breathe fire / You bow down to no one else”. The beats continue CLAVVS exploration of mesmerizing soundscapes that transport you right into their universe. And on “Bloom”, the duo isn’t afraid to meet their fears head on, and burst through what weighs them down.

As Amber Renee hits the chorus with the lyrics: “In the waves I’m falling under / The weight comes crashing down / But I know that’s it’s just water / Sink or swim or float or drown”, there’s a certain healing aspect to the song. Renee’s authoritative vocals makes it clear that despite any heavy burdens trying to hold her down, she has no plans to sink or drown, and instead CLAVVS is ready to rise up through it all. The band said “‘Bloom’ is really the centerpiece of the new record. It’s about surviving in a foreign home. It’s about finding comfort in your own skin, especially when you feel like you’re drowning.” And CLAVVS refuses to drown. 

“Bloom” is another impactful new single from CLAVVS that has the band set to reach new heights with their upcoming sophomore release.

Don’t just take our word for it though, catch CLAVVS captivating live show as the band will support Rhye at Terminal West in Atlanta on November 14th (tickets here) for what’s sure to be one of the most sensual shows of the year.

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