Death Stuff-ed Burrito – A Conversation and Burrito Lesson with Drummer/cook Jacob Arkwright


Hand eye coordination and the ability to think in the eye of the hurricane, placing everything in its right place and at the right time while moving every limb both in unison and independently of each other, are key qualities for any drummer. They are also prized qualities on every line in every kitchen everywhere. Find someone who can do both, chop those onions with ease and propel a song along with the right proportion of tempo and dynamics, and you’ve got a real talent on your hands. Jacob Arkwright, drummer for Death Stuff and food wiz for Gato Bizco in Atlanta, has got skills on both ends in spades.

It’s easy to hear his talents as a drummer. On the new single, “Surprise Ex”, from Death Stuff’s upcoming self titled release on Monofonus Press, the song showcases an artist comfortable hitting loud when necessary and pulling back to let the song breathe, to only kick it back in even harder when necessary. To put his cooking talents to the test, we invited him to design a Death Stuff-ed burrito before their upcoming show at The EARL tonight (11/13). Put your talents to the test with his recipe and grab yourself a bottle of DEATH STUFF HOT STUFF at the show.  /- Billy Mitchell

Death Stuff-ed Burrito

“Typically when I’m not cooking at work, I do find comfort in easy to make meals like tacos or ramen.  A burrito is another relatively easy one given the right stuff.  Usually I’ll have some leftover mise-en-place from Eat Me Speak Me on Sundays which invariably go into whatever I eat for the start of the week. I’ve never written a recipe before, but here goes:

    • ½ cup GOYA brand white rice (scrubbed, washed, then soaked for two hours in cool water)
    • ½ cup blanched field peas
    • 2oz cabbage (thinly sliced)
    • 2oz Bok Choi (blanched)
    • A lot of cilantro
    • 1T fresh crema (recipe to follow)
    • 1 big flour tortilla (Any brand is fine, I use gringo ones in a pinch)


Drain the soaked rice. Add equal parts water to rice in a sauce pot. Cover and cook over low-medium heat to prevent scorching. 20 minutes on that about, but you’ll have to check for proper cooking (a little sticky but not gummy, like sushi for example.)

In a skillet over medium heat, cook together sliced cabbage, bok choi, and pork belly. Break up the pork belly with your spatula into smaller pieces.  It need not be super pretty, it’s getting mushed into a burrito! Keep warm.

Steam your field lead for a couple of minutes until they look slightly over cooked.

For the crema, whisk together 3T buttermilk into 1cup heavy cream.  Whisk to form peaks (you’re making savory whip cream essentially.). Season with salt, sugar, and lime juice.

Warm your tortilla in a crappy toaster oven that doesn’t really work.

Lay your rice down first.  In a bowl, mix together your meat and veggies and season with salt.  Place on top of rice. Drizzle some crema (like a lot) and HOT STUFF on there and then wrap that burrito up.

Put your Death Stuff burrito on a plate with a side of some extra HOT STUFF on there.  Stand right in front of your kitchen sink, crack a 25oz Busch and consume in silence.”

Death Stuff bring the noise to your full belly this Sunday at the EARL with Bataille and CFM.  Enjoy!!

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