DOT.S Shares Their Tracks On Repeat For Our Monomania Playlist


DOT.S gleefully exploded onto the Atlanta music scene with their first record, Jellyfiss, a buoyant pop gem that quickly built their reputation as one of the cities best bands to get a room moving. If you ever hear the complaint that “Atlanta crowds don’t dance,” head to a DOT.S show to be proven wrong the moment their first joyful note leaves the stage.

DOT.S sophomore release, We Swim, comes out today, Friday, Nov., 4th, on Deer Bear Wolf Records, and there’s a wild celebration/release party that night at 529. Joining DOT.S for the party are Fantasy Guys, Shampoo, and Breathers. In advance of this barn burner of a release show, DOT.S lead singer Ryan James took over this week’s Monomania playlist, to give us a look at what songs he just can’t stop listening to right now:

Junior Byron – “Dance to the Music”

A goofy ass midi bass line can stay the same for 8 minutes without feeling taxing or annoying immediately makes our, “Things-to-Copy-But-Make-a-Little-Different-But-Not-Totally-Different” list. Look at that pic, too. C’mon.

Talking Heads – “Moon Rocks”

I guess this can be our requisite Talking Heads song. An obvious precision lies in everything the Talking Heads have done, but Speaking in Tongues feels the tightest and most orchestrated. Everything on the album passes as intentional, even though it was probably conceived with the same chant-y/dance-y spontaneity as Remain in Light. This synth line at around 2:28 makes me crazy. I love it.

Breathers – “Piece of My Head”

Our collective favorite off of Transitions.

Harry Nilsson – “Moonbeam Song”

I don’t think you could find anything more relaxed than this. It has the auditory equivalent of like floating down a river of cough syrup in a raft made of dream dust.

Soulwax – “NY Lipps”

This is great. NY Excuse by Soulwax is also great. There’s something really magical about multi-pitched cowbells over a four-on-the-floor kit. I’ll defend that sentence to the grave.

All tracks on Spotify added to our “Monomania” playlist for your on the go playlist needs:

Written by Billy Mitchell


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