Eddie’s Attic Presents: Leon Bridges


Review and Photos by: Jamie Platus

Last night I had the honor and privilege of seeing a man by the name of Leon Bridges . He played at one of OpenEars’ favorite spots, Eddie’s Attic. Born in Atlanta, Leon’s family moved out to Ft. Worth, Texas when he was two years old. He’s been living out there ever since. And at 25, he’s mastered the art of combining 50’s/60’s soul and Gospel.

A big ‘thank you’ should go out to Austin Jenkins and Joshua Block from White Denim for recognizing his talent and helping him get started on his musical journey. Together they helped produce and record several of his songs. With the help of their local musician friends and band in the FT. Worth scene they were able to lay a few tracks down. Because of the attention these songs got, he is now signed with his current label, Columbia Records. I was excited to hear him sing before I got to the show and was blown away from the second the first notes left his mouth. And I wasn’t the only one. Several people were chatting and commenting on the way out of Eddie’s: “this was the best show I’ve seen in a long time,” “I had no idea he was THAT good,” and much more of the like. His inspiration for songs came from family, friends, and even his friends dog. Well, at least the name of the song anyway. Personally, I don’t care where it comes from as long as he keeps tuggin’ on the ole heart-strings. If this dude comes within 100 miles of your city, you need to get your butt to the show.

Leon Bridges-4

Leon Bridges-1

Leon Bridges-6

The back-up singers and the saxophone player were top-notch!


Leon Bridges-9 Leon Bridges-10

What an amazing voice coming from this guy. It was truly an honor to see him. Especially this early in his career. My money is on Leon headlining some major venues within the next year to year and a half. With his mass appeal and ability to “Bridge” the gap between sounds of old and a taste for new, there’s no limit to where his talents will take him.

A total of 8 musicians on stage and each one played a vital role in the overall end product.

A total of 8 musicians on stage and each one played a vital role in the overall end product.

Leon Bridges-2 Leon Bridges-8Below is an example of what Leon Bridges brings to the table…


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  1. I live in Houston and will be seeing Leon open for Lord Huron on May 9th. I’m super excited about it! I first learned of him through one of your IG posts, so thank you!

    • Awesome, glad to hear it Justin. That’s gonna be one hell of a show. Despite some sound issues, Lord Huron was one of my favorites at Shaky Knees last year. Have fun at the show!

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