Emily Wells Delivers a Stunner to The EARL


Emily Wells delivered a stunner for the fans of the Brooklyn artist on a chilly Monday night in East Atlanta. Wells is currently on tour promoting her recently released album Promise on January 29 via Thesis & Instinct. The multi-instrumentalist combs through hip hop, classical, and folk, with a slight pop appeal to it. She creates this dense baroque almost gothic like music where it makes it impossible to throw it into just one category. Her voice lends itself to being a bit playful and innocent all while remaining gentle, eerily similar to Annie Clark of St. Vincent or CocoRosie at times.

Emily’s music is rather thick like syrup, and it weighs on you a bit. She beautifully layers and loops her violin atop of the simple snare and kick drum, as her sweet-tempered voice binds everything together.

Emily Wells at The EARL

Emily Wells at The EARL

I don’t think any of us could have fully anticipated how good Wells’ live performance was going to be. Emily stunned the tiny EARL silent the minute her bow hit the strings of her violin. This bewitching classical sound filled the room with such sorrow that each of us could not process it fast enough. Her performance of “Passenger” and “Mama’s Gonna Give You Love” from her 2012 album Mama was intoxicating like a drug. As much as her albums weigh on your mind while you listen to her performance, the intensity of her live show will leave you bewildered on how to digest the raw and powerful emotion that saturates the stage of her set.

Emily closed with a carnal rendition of her single “You Dream Of China” off Promise; She pulls you in with the heavy bass drum, as her voice is there to lull and soothe your fears while

Emily Wells at The EARL

Emily Wells at The EARL

her viola gently cradles you. With the conclusion, you fight to find your way back to the reality of the hypnotized state her set brought you.

Emily Wells’ music is rich and intense that lends itself to being slightly experimental. It is all about the builds and transitions within each song, creating more of an experience or emotion not unlike a piece of fine art. Her music requires patience and appreciation while listening to fully gather what she is trying to evoke. We look forward to the future progression of Emily’s music and where the next live show might take us.

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