Foals Goes Big With “A Knife in the Ocean”


“A Knife in the Ocean” is the closing track off of Foals’ newest release What Went Down, which came out at the end of August. It is their fourth album and follow-up to 2013’s Holy Fire. This closer is about as epic as you could get.

A common motif is most of Foals’ music is their tendency to have their tracks build over the length of the song, leading to a climax at the end. Here, Foals go straight to that climax within the first third of the 6-minute track. It’s the kind of music that meant to be performed in an arena, and it’s as if that’s exactly what Foals meant for the track to be. A band that’s been heralded for their exceptional live performances, it makes sense that their new album is bigger, louder, and more aggressive.

Far from the poppy sounds of “My Number,” “Miami” or the calmer ballads like “Spanish Sahara” off of their earlier records, it seems as if Foals have really found their sound and are sticking to it. What Went Down is harsh, raw, and guaranteed to rock your face off when you hear is performed live. Foals is currently touring in South America and will tour the UK later this fall.

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