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New music is coming at us every which way these days, and running any kind of music site means the new tunes are coming at you at warp speed. It impossible to keep up with, but that doesn’t mean you don’t try the best you can. To help the process, we’ve been playing around with a new website to help the music submission process, SubmitHub has 100’s of good music sites listening to new music from labels, PR, and more importantly, many independent artists themselves. As music fans ourselves with many friends that are young and hungry hardworking artists, we see potential in the site that will hopefully be a catalyst for artists to help get heard.

As we continue to listen, that gives us the chance to discover plenty of a new music, and as we find songs that strike a chord with our writers, we will be putting together a small list of our latest Fresh Finds From the Hub. The hope is that this new feature can be a spot for you the listener to find something from our curated finds that strikes a chord in your own ears. We hope you enjoy.

DAODA – “Cloak”

From the moment “Cloak” begins, it screams dream-pop. Immediately opening up with rifts heavily reminiscent of bands such as Wild Nothing, DIIV, and Day Wave, this unknown multi-instrumentalist seems to easily layer instrument after instrument. His vocals flow and wrap you up smoothly creating an entire atmosphere of its own. It is undeniable that the name DAODA is almost as mysterious as the artist himself. This New York-based musician previously worked under the name PALM LINES creating and leasing electronic beats and while DAODA is a stretch from that genre they both manage to be as irresistible as they are catchy. Emily Perlman

Group Photos – “Infirmary”

On “Infirmary” the first thing that comes to mind is automatically Interpol. With those hollow vocals it’s impossible not to draw that comparison. But what continues on the track for the San Bernardino, California based Group Photos, is an interesting use of acoustic guitar over dreamy shoegaze. The relaxed abrasiveness of “Infirmary”, off their upcoming EP due out August 20th, has a delicate despair that never fully let’s you sink into the gloom, instead offering a glimmer of brightness to dark. Mike Gerry

Margot Polo – “Sing Hallelujah”

With a name like Margot Polo, it’s easy to envision playing games by the pool on warm summer days, the smell of sunscreen and the feeling of endless summer. Within the first few moments of “Sing Hallelujah”, Margot Polo seems to flawlessly capture these moments. Finding the perfect balance between early Tame Impala and JR JR, Favid Provenzano’s solo project welcomes you into a brand new, yet extremely familiar, emotional soundscape that pulls you in with a strong testament to youth. Emily Perlman

Perfect Families – “Ghostcalls”

Sibling duo, Joel and Micah Smith, are steadily bringing a new name to the DIY dream-pop scene. On their most recent single “Ghostcalls”, Perfect Families effortlessly seems to layer in delicate vocals with just the right amount of synth, creating a unique sound with a big punch. Micha and Joel Smith gives listeners a project that is sincerely dreamy in every way possible and creates the perfect atmosphere that should not be overlooked. Emily Perlman

Prism Tats – “Used To Be Cool” 

We’ve all been cornered at some point (or even turned into that person) by that egomaniac that can’t quit talking about past discretions when they were what they knew as fucked up and fun all the time. Yeah you used to be cool, but it’s that disconnect with the person that only lives in their past and can’t relate to what’s here now where South African born, and now LA-based Prism Tats built his roaring new anthem. The latest single off his just released new EP 11:11 (ANTI- Records), is mont only relatable, but a garage rock scorcher that soars with an arena ready glam. Mike Gerry

She Returns From War – “Fruit of the Night”

The vibrant Charleston music scene brings the slow-burning, heartfelt “Fruit of the Night” from Hunter Park, also known as She Returns From War. She Returns From War features Hunter, whose often referred to as the “Swamp Witch”, and a (mostly) rotating cast of some of Charleston’s most talented musicians. Currently working on her sophomore full length with Wolfgang Zimmerman, the first song off the upcoming album continues to build on her “Woman Abandoned Cosmic Americana”. The songwriting really shines here with a track that will stop you in your tracks and have you contemplating your idea of love. Don’t let the country lean scare you, “Fruit of the Night” is sultry to the core and will melt your indie heart. Mike Gerry

Sun Seeker – “Won’t Keep Me Up At Night”

Nashville quartet Sun Seeker just released their debut EP, Biddeford, via Jack White’s Third Man Records. While the mention of Jack White is sure to grab your attention, it’s the breezy cosmic folk of Sun Seeker’s “Won’t Keep Me Up At Night” that’s sure to keep your attention. It’s as if Grizzly Bear shot back in time to the heyday of Laurel Canyon and created an Americana record full of whimsical melancholy. Sun Seeker brings a youthful haze to psych pop that’s not only dreamy, but invigorating. Mike Gerry

Ted Tafaro – “Who Will”

Ted Taforo has immense talent that manages to push almost every boundary. Working with artists such as Spoon and being a two-time recipient of the ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award, his versatility seems endless. On his new track, Who Will, the listener is welcomed with an undeniably catchy synth rift and Taforo’s clean vocals. The track manages to maintain a strong beat but lacks the feeling of repetitiveness that most tracks like this seem to follow. Closing up with a powerful saxophone solo, Tafaro gives us a fun and intricate listening experience that everyone should try. Emily Perlman

For those Spotify listeners, we’ve added the songs currently on Spotify to our “Monomania” playlist:


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