Fresh Finds From the Hub 8-22-17 Feat: Big Hare, Dakota, Danke Shane & More


Recently we’ve started receiving new music submissions through SubmitHub, opening us up to even more music through submissions from PR companies, labels, and most importantly, the artists themselves, even if they don’t have their own PR team. Not only does SubmitHub help facilitate the connections between artists and hundreds of music sites, but also helps connect artists to labels. Being an indie artist in 2017 means every little thing helps, whether that’s just landing upon the right ears of a potential label to partner with, or earning streams through blog posts. It all counts and is just a piece of the pie that could potentially help launch a music career. For our readers, this just gives us the chance to bring some fresh finds as we pull from some of our favorite submissions we’ve received. This week’s Fresh Finds From the Hub brings us 5 new discoveries we’ve been digging, with DIY artists from all different parts of the world making new and interesting music that’s ready to leave an impact. We hope you will dig too!

Big Hare – “What Has Been Seen”

Big Hare is anything but ordinary. Surrounding their entire façade with the wild and unfamiliar ,”What Has Been Seen” gives listeners an unmistakable sound. The duo from Utrecht, Netherlands combines sounds that seems almost other-worldly. In the video for their latest single, their already musically extravagant DIY sound manages to expand visually with Bowie-esque dance moves and Hollywood cult-classic references. Luuk Ottenhof and Tim Fraanje define fun but not necessarily humorous, giving music fans from multiple genres something to fall in love with. Big Hare is lighthearted giving us a refreshing yet weirdly enjoyable experience. – Emily Perlman

Dakota – “Wanderlust”

Dutch four-piece all girl band Dakota started making some noise in the US last year with their EP Leda. They have recently returned dropping their newest single “Silver Tongue” at the end of July on Manimal. The B-side to “Silver Tongue” is the ever dreamy and hazy “Wanderlust”, which shows off the band’s whimsical dream pop. There’s a darker, edgier side to “Wanderlust” with the hallowed shoegaze guitar tones that sing from the walls, taking a cue from bands like Warpaint. Yet Dakota is able to stick out in the dream pop realm by sneaking in a sunnier side with shades of the California vibes of a HAIM, showing off their luminous pop vocals with tranquilizing harmonies. – Mike Gerry

Danke Shane – “Half The Sky”

Danke Shane is Washington, DC-based musician Andrew Burke who released his debut self titled EP in June. “Half The Sky” is a chamber pop gem that immediately projects influences of Grizzly Bear and the Beach Boys but furthers it’s appeal with the flair and burst of Perfume Genius while incorporating the retro cool of Dent May. The song shines an emotional brightness on the heavy subject matter looking at sexism and the inheritance of prejudice, taking the listener on a journey of ups and downs with packed acoustics and electronics that never completely give in to the darkness. Danke Shane is ready to erupt. – Mike Gerry

Jennifer – “Into The Night”

Not much is known about the artist Jennifer but her single “Into The Night” gives us the freedom to let our minds drift off and wander. The hypnotic Beach House-esque track starts out with a monotonous beat slowly building and layering, giving the audience something new to pick up on every time you listen. Jennifer truly embodies a fearless commitment of expression. “Into the Night” gives us a deceptively minimalistic track that is something nearly impossible to be looked over. – Emily Perlman

L-Rod – “Pretend”

While only being a Sophomore in college, Hayden Elrod (L-Rod) is ready to make big waves with his new single “Pretend”. At the beginning of this track we are introduced by swooning guitar riffs immersed in a lo-fi atmosphere. This DIY artist perfectly blends multiple psychedelic elements with one another, making it hard to not to be reminded of indie-rock artist Mac Demarco. After multiple listens words are almost incapable of doing this track justice. Seeming to already be a master of Logic within a year of using it, L-Rod is set to release his debut EP later this year. – Emily Perlman




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