Song of the Day: (Gone Is) All But A Quarry Of Stone by Daniel Romano


An adidas track suit isn’t the typical attire you’d expect from a Western leaning folk singer, but then again, nothing about Daniel Romano is what you would typically expect.With the release of his 5th full length album, Mosey (May 27th, 2016 – New West Records), Romano remains true to his own unique style. In some ways the album resembles his older work, packed full of vivid content. On the other hand the album has a completely new feel to it. Some tracks feel just like 60’s rock and roll. You can almost imagine Romano chatting it up with The Animals about styles and textures.

“(Gone Is) All But A Quarry of Stone” is a prime example. With the synths humming in the background and Romano crooning wearily, it’s effortless to slip into days gone by. “Gone is the ink in the well, gone is the words for the tale, gone is the hunger that gnaws at the bone.” It’s difficult to decipher whether Romano is reminiscing over his own life, or modernity as a whole. And just maybe, the true beauty of the song (and the whole album) is the unknowing Romano is able to bring to light. – Written by Robert Wilson

Listen to “(Gone Is) All But A Quarry of Stone”:

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Photo credit Unfolding Creative Photo-7 from New West website.


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