The Gotobeds Have a Tug of War on “Brass Not Rash”


The best way I can think to convey the power struggle at the heart of The Gotobeds new single “Brass Not Rash” is with a convoluted metaphor. Stick with me here: When courting or fighting, eagles will sometimes lock their talons together and begin hurtling toward the ground. If it’s in the act of courtship it’s a grand gesture of love; not even the fast approaching Earth is enough to deter their desire. In combat, it’s a form of mutually assured destruction – a game of chicken played by apex predators.

It’s that kind of push and pull that drives the track. Eli Kassan’s vocals soar sky-high and drop back down to growling lows, sometimes within the same line. The opposing force is the constantly face-melting lead guitar; it’s a marathon of shredding that is one of the most impressive things I’ve heard this year. At times the vocals and guitar seem to work in tandem, lost in each other’s righteousness, losing sight that a crash is imminent. But then one tries to wrestle control back – either a new mind-bending riff or Kassan insisting “I can be bought, but not sold!” – and the song rockets back up, all the better for the good-natured tug-of-war.

PIttsburgh based The Gotobeds are about to explode onto the scene with their cheekily titled Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic. Their mix of classic punk sensibilities and seemingly endless supply of catchy hooks and lyrics is as refreshing as it is just damn fun. Previously released single “Real Maths/Too Much” was a great reintroduction after two years since their debut Poor People Are Revolting. “Brass Not Rash” is an even better return, it’s the best song I’ve heard this year.

Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic is out June 10 on SubPop Records.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

SAT, Jun 11 Northside FestivalBrooklyn, , NY Tickets

SUN, Jun 12 Le Divan OrangeMontreal, Canada

SAT, Jun 18 BrilloboxPittsburgh, PA

WED, Jul 6 Bishop Bar (IN)Bloomington, IN

FRI, Jul 8 Frequency Madison, WI

MON, Jul 11 Drake HotelToronto, Canada

WED, Jul 13 Great Scott, Allston, MA

THU, Jul 14 3S ArtspacePortsmouth, NH

FRI, Jul 15 AuroraProvidence, RI

TUE, Jul 19 DC9Washington, DC

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Photo Credit: Shawn Brackbill via Sup Pop Records website


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