Song Of The Day: Hockey Dad Try Not to “Jump the Gun”


The Australian duo Hockey Dad’s new single “Jump the Gun” is an earnest plea. It’s the kind of thought that crosses everyone’s mind on the perfect summer day: why can’t life always be like this? There’s no clamoring for anything more than just one more hour of sunlight, one more wave, one more beer. It’s an anthem for those motivated to stay unmotivated.

The song, while undeniably surf rock in its jangle and easy-going melody, has a rough undercurrent with a guitar and drum that hit a little harder than a typical sun-baked track. There’s a hint of Wavves’ inspired haziness; but none of Nathan Williams’ downtrodden, I’m-over-this-endless-summer attitude. Lead singer Zach Stephenson’s tongue is nowhere near his cheek when he sings “I don’t wanna go home / I’m having too much fun / And I don’t wanna go home / So leave me alone”. Hockey Dad isn’t asking for too much here, just don’t jump the gun because then the race ends sooner than it should.

Hockey Dad are set to release their debut full-length, Boronia, on August 12th via Brooklyn-based Kanine Records.

Listen to Hockey Dad’s “Jump the Gun” on the go via our Spotify playlist:

Catch Hockey Dad on tour in the US/Canada with Muuy Biien:

Hockey Dad Tour Dates

Hockey Dad Tour Dates

Cover Photo by Ian Laidlaw


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