Song of the Day: Illegal Drugs – “Givin Up”


November is starting off as a helluva rock month for Georgia, starting with Muuy Biien’s record release shows this week and followed by a belated record release for a newish band full of vetted Atlanta scene veterans, Illegal Drugs. While their self titled debut LP came out in October, it’s getting the proper treatment this Saturday, Nov. 5th, at one of Atlanta’s finest spots, The EARL.

John Robinson, Joe Hardwick, Tom O’Neill, and Shane Patrick have all been playing in different groups for years, but as Illegal Drugs they attack with an energy and fire befitting hungry newcomers. From front to back the album is packed with anthems made for mosh pits, fist pumping, and frenzied sing alongs that rattle the walls and get you ready to wild out.

The first song on the record, “Givin Up”, encapsulates that energy.  Double barreled guitars propel the track, an unrelenting bass pulses fast, the snare hits are perfectly placed for hand claps in the crowd, and the road tested vocals of John Robinson all add up to a nice slice of electrifying rock music. The song starts and ends fast, with not a note wasted. “Giving Up”  is one of those songs that soundtracked your dreams of live music when you were young – never too long to bore, fast and short enough to push you towards the edge of exhaustion, and always giving you just enough pause to catch your breath before the next song rockets you off. Experience it live with local support The Powder Room and Day Old Man priming the room tonight at The EARL/- Billy Mitchell

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