Influential Album: Andrew Bryant on Pedro The Lion “Control”


Andrew Bryant is a songwriter and musician from Water Valley, MS. His latest album is titled This Is The Life. He is also a founding member of the band Water Liars.

Released in early 2015, This Is The Life is an album that has stood tall throughout 2015, never wearing out through honest, relatable songwriting and story telling. One of our top 5 albums of the year. Listen to Andrew Bryant’s single “The Free”:

Andrew was nice enough to tell us about an album that has been quite influential to him, Pedro The Lion’s Control:

Andrew Bryant on Pedro The Lion's Control

Andrew Bryant on Pedro The Lion’s Control

 “An album that really shaped both my art and my approach to navigating my way through the music community is Pedro The Lion‘s Control. I have been a fan of David Bazan’s work since the late ’90s and this album comes back to me constantly, and it still gives me meaning and feeling every time I listen to it. I also highly respect and identify with the message of this album, the doom and politics and desperation is all there and it’s palpable. Plus this album rocks. It has some of my favorite guitar and drum sounds. It rips me apart every time. I have cried many times listening to ‘Second Best’.”

/-Andrew Bryant

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  1. Well said and thank you for sharing.
    In maybe 04 a buddy of mine, after listening to me bitch about
    How superficial life seemed to be getting, played me “magazine” and then I was a superfan.
    Perfectly poignant lyrics that always speak to me aside, as a drummer I love the shit this guy does. Magazine, Rehearsal, Indian summer. Super groover.
    I can’t wait for his next album.
    He should get back to Toronto soon too.
    “He thinks man it was a beautiful day, to stay, the same.”

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