Influential Album: Mike Wilbur of Moon Hooch on John Coltrane


In just a few short years, the explosive horn-and-percussion trio Moon Hooch—Mike Wilbur (horns), Wenzl McGowen (horns), and James Muschler (drums)—has taken their exhilarating blend of virtuosic jazz, groovy funk, and pulse-pounding electronic dance music from the New York City subway system to stages around the world, touring with the likes of Beats Antique, They Might Be Giants, and Lotus among others, becoming well known along the way for their live performances. 

Tomorrow, June 10th, their third and most adventurous album to date, Red Sky, will be released. You can currently listen via NPR First Listen

We asked Mike Wilbur about an album that’s had a major influence on him and helped shape him to where he is today.

Mike Wilbur’s influential album: John Coltrane – Man Made Miles


“When I was in fifth grade my father bought me a Coltrane album called Man Made Miles. It’s a very bootleg sounding record featuring Eric Dolphy. At first I thought, “these guys are just making noises!!” After a few listens I realized it was the most profound sound I’ve ever heard and my life was never the same. I wanted to be those guys.” – Mike Wilbur

Moon Hooch Tour Dates:

June 12 – Newport, UK – Isle of Wight Festival
June 16 – Hammonton, NJ – Bearfest
June 18 – Wurtsboro, NY – Destination Moon
June 24 – Londonderry, VT – Frendly Gathering
June 25 – Stratford, CT – Two Roads Brewing Company
June 27 – Edmonton, Canada – TD Edmonton International Jazz Festival
June 28 – Vancouver, Canada – TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival
June 29 – Victoria, Canada – TD Victoria International Jazz Festival
June 30 – Montreal, Canada – Montreal Jazz Festival
July 2 – Lewes, UK – Love Supreme Festival
July 12 – Manchester, UK – Band on the Wall
August 11 – Darrington, WA – Summer Meltdown Festival
August 13 – Tamarack, ID – Huckleberry Jam
September 17 – Liverpool, UK – Arts Club Loft



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