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Good Field began as the solo recording project of Paul Price, former member of Brazos and The Early Tapes, and secondary guitarist and bassist for Voxtrot. While playing with these bands, Price visited an isolated adobe in Morelos, Mexico and wrote a group of songs he imagined for a full band. The self-titled debut album was released in 2012 and has been described as “vintage dream pop”, incorporating elements of pop-psychedelia, indie rock, and shoe gaze.

Good Field’s newest album, Future Me, was recorded and produced by the band in 2013-2014 in home studios and several secluded locales in Texas using their portable recording rig. Once mixes of the record were prepared, White Denim front man James Petralli spent several weeks in a studio with Price adding creative mix and production ideas to polish the sounds. Future Me affirms Good Field’s growth as a group, resulting in a distinct group of songs as diverse as the wide-ranging, desolate landscapes of Texas in which they were recorded. Released at the end of July, Future Me is available everywhere now.

Good Field’s front man Paul Price, discusses his influential album, Tom Petty’s Full Moon Fever:


“I was eight years old when I first heard Full Moon Fever by Tom Petty. I remember listening to this album on cassette tape obsessively as a child – front to back and over again.  The arrangements are stripped down and the instrumentation is classic.  Every instrument on the record shares the hooks and only plays what is essential.

Petty worked with George Harrison, Roy Orbison, and Jeff Lyne to record this album in 1989.  He was playing with people who had helped shape pop music the past 25 years, and he took what those guys did so well with rootsy music and added a modern twist with production.

With Full Moon Fever, Petty gives a lesson on how to write a great structural song and how to strip away the crap that doesn’t need to be there.”

– Paul Price/Good Field

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