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Atlanta native Faye Webster has been channeling her creativity through various mediums for years. Whether she’s straddling the lines between music and photography or the genres folk and hip-hop, Faye makes fitting into both seem easy breezy cool. The 19 year old’s latest self titled album with Awful Records was released May 12 — filled with groovy Americana sounds and quirky lyrics. The album explores relationships and themes through her own perfectly curated broody tunes; she tackles everyday subject matter in nostalgic plain spoken verse over guitar strums and muffled drums. She croons about dropping out of college (her own stint at Belmont), hanging out with the wrong people, and even sports. “It Doesn’t Work Like That” is about the heartbroken feels Faye had when the Atlanta Braves traded her favorite pitcher, Craig Kimbrel. This may be her second album, but by finding her niche it feels like a coming-of-age for Webster; which can only mean bigger and better things from here.

We recently had the chance to have a quick question and answer session with Faye, check out the interview below:

(OE) I read somewhere online where you mentioned your grandad is the one who taught you about music…how young were you when that started? What was that like?

(FW) In elementary school, my brother was really the one who taught me how to play guitar. My grandad just pushed it on us.

(OE) You’re rooted in Americana but you’ve got an R&B/hip-hop style — an innovative look for sure. When did that crossover start to happen? Does your grandad approve?

(FW) It started in high school when I was apart of a rap group called PSA. I bet my grandad doesn’t even know that I do that.

(OE) Do you plan to release a more hip-hop oriented album (cover of Father) or collaborate more with those artists (Ethereal)?

(FW) Yes, I’ve made songs with almost everyone on Awful. They’re just sitting on our computers somewhere.

(OE) Are you more of the go with the flow type or do you have a clear vision of what you want with music and photography?

(FW) Both, collaborating with Awful is in the moment but my personal music is very planned out.

(OE) Rolling stone has published your photos, what was that feeling like? Ever think about dropping music and working solely on photography?

(FW) It was my first time being published so it felt pretty nice. I’d never drop either of them but there are times where I will focus on one more than the other.

(OE) Tell me more about growing up with Lil Yachty, what was that like?

(FW) We went to middle school together. We shared the same best friend so we’re around each other a lot. He used to wear puka shell necklaces.

(OE) What has the fan reaction been like on this tour?

(FW) I don’t really share the same fans as the guy that I’m on tour with so it’s nice to play to people that have never heard of me before.

(OE) What are you listening to on the road?

(FW) Podcasts. I don’t like listening to music on the road because I get tired of it.

(OE) What was the last concert you attended?

(FW) Slug Christ.

(OE) Where’s your favorite spot to hangout in the city and why?

(FW) Jack’s. We’re always there and it’s super cheap.

Faye Webster Online:

Website: www.fayewebster.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/websterfaye

Instagram: instagram.com/websterfaye

Twitter: twitter.com/fayewebsters




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