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Last week, we had the opportunity to sit down for a chat with a great new up and coming band, Sydney Eloise & the Palms, before their first official show as a full band at The EARL in East Atlanta Village.

With the hot Atlanta summer sounds screaming in the background, we talked to the band behind The EARL about their debut album, Faces, out 9/22 on LP & CD from The Cottage Recording Co. and on cassette from Bear Kids Recordings.

Sydney Eloise & the Palms. Photo by: John McNicholas

Sydney Eloise & the Palms. Photo by: John McNicholas

Sydney Eloise & the Palms started with three friends, Sydney Ward, Damon Moon, and Chandler Galloway getting together and recording a song at The Cottage Recording Studio in East Atlanta. Once they saw they had something special, 1 song turned into a 7′, which then turned into a full album. Now, a full band of 6 friends ready to tour your city, they are very excited to share Faces with the world in September.

Over the last few weeks, the band has premiered 5 singles to much fanfare on sites like CMJ, PopMatters, and more. Names like Jenny Lewis, Fleetwood Mac, Neko Case and more have been thrown around from these debuts trying to find a way to tell about Sydney Eloise & the Palms sound. With influences including the likes of Phil Spector and George Harrison, Sydney Eloise & the Palms has created a beautiful, lush pop sound, that’s both accessible and weird, or as they say, “screwed up pop music.” With full access to recording at The Cottage, the Palms have a huge sound full of instruments, whether a low key ballad or an upbeat number that at times can feel like a rock orchestra.

Sydney Eloise & the Palms. Photo by: John McNicholas

Sydney Eloise & the Palms. Photo by: John McNicholas

We had a nice open conversation with Sydney Eloise & the Palms about their beginnings, songwriting process, having full access to recording, being compared to Jenny Lewis and the excitement behind putting out their first record and their first big tour. We were also able to get their perspective as a young band  on the streaming services debate, and all the overwhelming technology tools out there to use as a band these days to get their music out there and heard and much more.

Check out our interview with Sydney Eloise & the Palms below:




Listen to the first five songs released on Soundcloud below:


Make sure to preorder this great debut album from Sydney Eloise & the Palms, out September 22nd here.

Follow along on their journey and keep on the look out for their full tour information so you can see them live in your city.



Facebook: SydneyEloiseMusic

Twitter: @SydneyEloise

Instagram: @sydandthepalms

Photos By: John McNicholas Photography


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