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An American singer and songwriter, Jesca Hoop recently presented her new album The Memories Are Now to a warm Atlanta audience on February the 28th at Terminal West.

Jesca Hoop at Terminal West

Jesca’s shows are not the ones where you would expect to see a crowd of people jumping around the stage losing their mind; her music is the one that provokes thinking and analysis, brings sweet memories, and tells amazing stories. It’s that atmosphere of coziness and home warmth that is so unique about her shows.

Jesca Hoop at Terminal West

Jesca’s music can be described as experimental folk mixed with the notions of alternative, rock, and electronic music. Her style seems to be largely influenced by her life experiences and is as unique as Jesca herself. Raised in a Mormon family and later breaking out of this religion, she said she finally felt free. During her life, Jesca lived in various places in America, was a survival guide, and caught her lucky star in Los Angeles where she started playing her music for large audiences. She now lives in the UK, but is still a frequent guest in the state where she is so dearly loved and appreciated by the audience.

Jesca Hoop at Terminal West

Jesca is extremely honest and often shares something about herself at every show. People love her for who she is, her humor, honesty, and directness. This time she surprised Atlanta with her Japanese style outfit and bare feet on stage – the crowd was excited! Everyone seemed to like the outfit, which was also a symbol of the freedom that she has every time she comes up on stage.

Jesca Hoop at Terminal West

At Terminal West, Jesca decided she wanted to be closer to the people and asked the LD to turn off the lights so she could see who she is talking to. The audience definitely appreciated the idea. Throughout the show, Jesca talked to the crowd, asked questions, shared secrets, and laughed together with everyone at the venue.

Jesca Hoop at Terminal West

After the last song played and everyone went off stage, the audience continued screaming “One more song!” for about five minutes. Of course, they knew Jesca would come back. But it seemed to everyone (and definitely Jesca), that the longer you wait for her to come back, the more you would enjoy the last song.

Jesca Hoop at Terminal West

She finally came back up, played her last song, thanked everyone for coming out on a Tuesday night, and waved goodbye till the next time she is back in Atlanta, capping off an intimate evening that the audience couldn’t get enough of. /- Alisa Malkova

Check out Alisa Malkova’s photo gallery of Jesca Hoop at Terminal West in Atlanta:

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