JUST LISTEN: Joe Russell-Brown “Post-Youth Depression”


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JUST LISTEN: Joe Russell-Brown “Post-Youth Depression”

The Deets:

Who: Joe Russell-Brown
Song: “Post-Youth Depression”
Appears On: Title track on debut EP, released December 1, 2018 via Warren Records.
Current Location: Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England
Info: 19-year-old Joe Russell-Brown’s debut EP is a collection of songs created on a cheap microphone and laptop in his grandma’s bungalow. It captures his transition from acoustic songwriter to dream-pop band leader. It’s lo-fi yet anthemic.

Joe comments: “Post-Youth Depression is a retrospective euphoria of the days you can only appreciate when they’re gone. It’s about friends, living in a shit town and the acceptance of whatever’s to come.”
Comments: A blissful and poetic take on the growing up blues, Joe Russell-Brown perfectly captures a dreamy look back at what was and may never be again. The song glides along in a haze of life passing by and the highs and lows that go with it. Joe Russell-Brown is an invigorating new young voice, and he’s only just begun.


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