JUST LISTEN: Eric Benoit “Taos”


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JUST LISTEN: Eric Benoit “Taos”

The Deets:

Who: Eric Benoit
Song: “Taos”
Appears On: The first single off Eric Benoit’s sophomore album, Heartrender, due out January 26th
Current Location: New York
Info: With the January 26th release of his sophomore album, Heartrender, he tears into sex, love, and the body, laughing at the absurdity of it all just to keep from breaking apart. Telling the story of a ruinous, short-lived relationship, the album documents his attempt to come to terms with sexual trauma. Across Heartrender’s seven slow-burning tracks, Benoit takes a leap forward with a newly energized sound. While maintaining the immersive cinematic style of his debut LP, he draws new inspiration from a wide range of styles, including experimental dance music, indie folk-rock, and alternative singer-songwriter.

““Taos” is a song about longing, and distance, about falling for someone and being too far away to reach them.”
Comments: A song that will speak to you on a cold winter day, perfect for a timely reflection while watching the frost come over the ground. While “Taos” starts with just Benoit strumming the guitar before his melancholy vocals finally come into play at 38 seconds, this track very slowly builds as Eric strongly gets across the feeling of longing – all whilst hitting some just stunningly heart wrenching notes. But at 4:20, “Taos” ruptures in a different direction with a heavy riff and a “reaching for the skies” chorus that leaves an element of hope to the new single. A perfect introduction to Eric Benoit’s sophomore album, Heartrender.


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