JUST LISTEN: Paul Loren “I Know A Place”


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JUST LISTEN: Paul Loren “I Know A Place”

The Deets:

Who: Paul Loren
Song: “I Know A Place”
Appears On: 2nd single off of Paul Loren’s upcoming EP Selections from Leisurely
Current Location: New York
Info: Huffington Post premiered Paul Loren’s new single a few weeks ago telling them – “’I Know A Place’ started out as a simple folk song,” explains Loren.  “It’s really inspired by the times we live in, and the desire for change through understanding. The song has optimism at its heart. There’s certainly a connective thread to the 1960’s civil rights and peace movements and to songs like ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ and ‘A Change Is Gonna Come.’ Just like then, we are living in trying, often polarizing times. But I do believe that it’s our similarities and strengths which truly bind us—that’s the ‘place’ I’m talking about.”
Comments: The moment that Paul’s voice is introduced in “I Know A Place”, you can feel it. A soothing sound hits your ears and brings you back to a place and time that feels much simpler. The retro soul crooning of Paul Loren’s new single is immediately infectious and takes you back to the heyday of soul music, yet in 2017, this just feels so refreshing; a strong message from a voice that’s needed right now.


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12/1 @ Joe’s Pub NYC


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