Song of the Day: Linying – “Paris 12”


The music of Singaporean singer Linying is quickly becoming popular with an international audience. “Paris 12”, the title track off her debut EP (due out this Friday, September 30th), and third single released, is especially illustrative of Linying’s unique songwriting style.

This song has been widely perceived as some sort of elegant lullaby that combines deep lyrics and clear tones.

Melodic minimalism in “Paris 12” is a beautiful ornament for the expressive and meaningful lyrics that make the audience go through various emotions and feeling depending on their life experiences.

The song draws upon some early Bon Iver vibes and is absolutely beautifully wired. Simple melody and Linying’s pure voice sound calming when it seems like nothing is going the right way. There’s no need for an amazing guitar solo or a drum bridge. Minimalist, yet very beautiful and meaningful, this song is absolutely worth the EP name. /- Alisa Malkova

Listen to “Paris 12” on our Monomania Spotify Playlist:

Paris 12 will be released this Friday, September 30th jointly by Singapore-based labels Foundation Music – Umami Records, Universal Music Singapore, and London-based imprint Akira Records.

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