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Father John Misty is becoming the best follow on any forms of social media that he graces his stature on. But for this second, on Soundcloud, FJM is a must follow. If not only for random parody songs he releases via the Father John Misty account, or maybe a surprise gem once in a while. Plus, you never know how long any of this stuff may stay up, someone may just tell him in a dream to take it down after posting (see: Lou Reed talking to FJM in a dream about his Reinterpretation of the classic Ryan Adams album 1989 {T-Swift} done in a Velvet Underground fashion).

Yesterday, FJM dropped a demo on his Soundcloud for a Prius commercial, an obvious poking at the modern folk/Americana of Ryan Adams and the popular folk rock of today from bands like The Lumineers. There’s mountains, whiskey, and plenty of “Hey Ho” for your radio friendly ears.

Late tonight though, Father John Misty released a new track called “Real Love Baby” via his Soundcloud with the simple statement “Why not.” There’s no indication yet that a new album is on the horizon, and trying to figure out Josh Tillman’s radness and why he does what he does, only serves up more questions than answers. There could be a complete real statement behind what he does and when, or it could be simply just for his own personal entertainment.

Whatever the reason behind the song, maybe it’s included on a future album, perhaps not, either way, it just goes to prove another reason to love Father John Misty. This one feels for real, it grooves, and the harmonies and melodies are on top of the game, some good old fashioned California breezy rock. Listen and enjoy Father John Misty’s “Real Love Baby”:

Listen to “Prius Commercial Demo 1”:


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