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Given the amount of music being produced in the world today with homegrown heroes in every town across America, it leaves no room for error. A band must try to find a uniqueness that works to distance themselves amongst the crowds of other bands out there. Avers started that mission back in 2013 and found the right mixture of things to make something truly different.

Avers is Richmond, Virginia supergroup consisting of Alexandra Spalding and Adrian Olsen of HyperColor, Tyler Williams of The Head and The Heart, JL Hodges of Farm Vegas, James Mason of Mason Brothers, and Charlie Glenn of The Trillions. This “little” band from Richmond is anything but ordinary. Avers released their first LP Empty Light back on 2014.  The band began combining genres of psych-pop, shoe-gaze, and garage rock for Empty Light’s audacious sound. The album was recorded at Montrose Recording (Adrian Olsen’s studio) in their hometown. Empty Light draws us into the nostalgic sound of 60‘s, and 90‘s style rock and roll while being seduced by Alex and James’ sorrowful filled lyrics. With the help of social media and word of mouth, this band took off running and hasn’t looked back since.

Avers at Drunken Unicorn

Avers at Drunken Unicorn

Avers graced the tiny Drunken Unicorn stage with all six members, their respected instruments and barely any room for much of anything else. The Band began the set with their new song called “Vampire”. The explosiveness of all four guitars climbed the walls in the tiny room of the Drunken Unicorn. Each one of them is carefully creating this layered effect of a harmony without ever overshadowing each other. Adrian and Alex’s voices resonate over the guitar behind them, and somehow they manage to keep the beast of guitar at bay while their voice echos through the crowd. They dig right into psychedelically rich song “Harvest”, which is full of boasting guitar and a chilling shoegaze backdrop combed through with Adrian’s haunting melodies. Avers songs are rich and dense that stick to your side and leave you with a taste you can’t forget. Alex takes us into “Evil” with her haunting vocal that seductively wraps itself around the shoe-gazed guitar that leaves you panting for more.

Avers at Drunken Unicorn

Avers at Drunken Unicorn

The rest of the evening was no different. From song to song they continued to rock out to material from their last album and convincing us with each one how worthy of a band they are. It’s easy to see that this “little” band from Richmond found a sound that works and could have easily taken a wrong direction in the different hands. Before the end of the evening, the band played us a new song they recorded called “Low” for their next album. It takes on the notable loud guitar with Alex’s melancholy lyrics reminding us of a little Aimee Mann and taking a more shoe-gazed direction. Where ever the wind takes this band we are excited to see the next chapter and the new album.

Here are the necessary links to keep up with Avers!

Bandcamp: Avers

Soundcloud: Aversrva

Facebook: AversRVA


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