Live Review: Field Report at Bowery Ballroom


Playing Bowery Ballroom in Lower Manhattan this past week in a solo show, Field Report, named aptly from the anagram of lead singer Chris Porterfield’s surname, showed what makes up the heart and soul of the band.  

Field Report at Bowery Ballroom

Field Report at Bowery Ballroom

A set that lasted about an hour, Field Report’s fans stood in a gazed awe, hanging on to every thoughtful word. The songs are lyrically driven and sometimes heavy and intense, yet they are so passionately melodic a calm washes over the listener.  

Field Report at Bowery Ballroom

Field Report at Bowery Ballroom

Porterfield had some clever banter dispersed throughout the evening, thanking the crowd for being so attentive as, “it just works better this way”.  He commented on how he was, “in a real ramblin’ man mode”, since he’s been out on his own for a bit, and that he could change up the set whenever it suited him.  

Field Report at Bowery Ballroom

Field Report at Bowery Ballroom

As he transitioned into the popular “Home (Leave the Lights On)”, off the album Marigolden, the conversation changed to the weather and flowed right into the opening lyrics, “cold snap like a coiled spring, you can feel the frost is coming on…”.  Towards the end of the song, Porterfield was engulfed in hundreds of spotted lights twinkling on the stage.  

Field Report at Bowery Ballroom

Field Report at Bowery Ballroom

For his final song of the evening, a little audience participation was requested from the singer, but the crowd was provided specific instructions that they were to not sing their chorus until the signal was given, and not at all before.  The lyric was a simple “oooooooo”, and Porterfield practiced with the crowd, but reminded with a stern grin, “ok, that’s great, but NOT before I give you the sign”.  As the song progressed and each time the voices were ready to chime in, they were greeted with a firm head shake signaling “not yet”. Finally it was time – when the signal was given through a head nod from Porterfield, the crowd sang out their part, all the while the lights rising and falling above them until the last note dropped off and the room went dark.  

/- Amanada Eckert

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^ Chris Porterfield solo w/ Noah Gundersen

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