PHOTO REVIEW: Lola Cole @ Atlanta Dogwood Festival


Lola Cole is an Atlanta native whom you may have heard her at SXSW 2016, hosting for Lecrae and performing for the #ChooseATL SXSW Takeover, or singing together with ATL COLLECTIVE on TLC’s Crazy Sexy Cool – this lady rocks the stage every time she comes up.

Lola Cole at Atlanta Dogwood Festival 2017

Lola and her band are famous for their blues, jazz, and funk music improvisations that literally make people dance. This Saturday, at Atlanta Dogwood Festival, there were quite a few people taking turns in competing who is best at dancing to Lola’s songs.

Lola Cole at Atlanta Dogwood Festival 2017

The lyrics in Lola’s songs are especially captivating – she writes with an open mind while holding on to the spiritual perspective. As she likes to say, she is taking the audience to church.

Lola Cole at Atlanta Dogwood Festival 2017

Lola is a very diverse artist – as diverse as it can be when we talk about just one person. She sings, she reads rap, she screams, she dances, she jumps… all of it energizes the listeners and helps them lean in and get in flow with the music.

Lola Cole at Atlanta Dogwood Festival 2017

Lola’s band is another special thing. Lola’s background vocal singers are called “Melanin Girls” – Chanel Oliver and Candace Neal add strengths and beauty to the main vocals. Other band members are Karon Newton, Vantoine Lael, Maurice Fisher, Mel Webb, Chris Marks, Robert Harrington, and Steven Cervantes.


Lola Cole at Atlanta Dogwood Festival 2017Lola loves to give the spotlight to her band members while introducing them one by one for the listeners. These guys are well fit together and are capable of playing some amazing music.

Their next performance will be at Venkman’s on April 29th, opening for Nashville artist, Alanna Royale; don’t miss the opportunity to have a fun night out! (Tickets here). /- Alisa Malkova

Check out Alisa Malkova’s photo gallery from Lola Cole’s set at Atlanta Dogwood Festival 2017:

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