Matilde Davoli rings in “Summer Ending”


The weather is cooling down, the leaves are starting to change colors and pepper the ground with beauty. Fall is upon us and the summer is coming to a close. After a scorching summer, the change is welcome, and London singer songwriter/producer Matilde Davoli captures the change perfectly with a dream pop masterpiece “Summer Ending” from her excellent debut album I’m Calling You from My Dreamsout now via Loyal To Your Dreams, the first release for this fledgling young label, and what a start this is!

Matilde Davoli is originally from Lecce, in southern Italian, but traded in the city’s stunning architecture and olive groves for the hustle and bustle of the big city in London back in 2013. This change sparked what would become her debut album I’m Calling You from My Dreams that was released back in June. Being an engineer and producer for other acts, Matilde’s cult reputation as an electronic experimenter enabled her to fund the record herself via donations from fans across Europe on Kickstarter like platform Music Raiser. The entire album was played on real instruments, mostly Davoli herself, but the electronic sound was the result of her skills as an engineer tampering with the recordings.Matilde Davoli’s debut album could easily draw in fans of bands like Small Black or Beach House, perhaps overall not as minimalist as Beach House usually do is, but drawing in elements of rock, R&B, and synth pop. “Summer Ending” takes on that minimalist approach starting off with a nice R&B beat, quickly bringing in swirling synths and nice a little riff. In comes Matilde’s voice front and center, a calming voice of true beauty that quickly captures the listener and brings you straight into Matilde’s world. Images of the sun crashing in and the first leaves falling from the sky slowly as they hit the ground immediately come to mind on that hot scorching day, ready for fall to be here completely.

“Summer Ending” is a gorgeously simple song that you will want put on repeat and live in this enclosed world the song creates. But don’t stop there, check out the full stunning debut album from Matilde Davoli: “I’m Calling You from My Dreams”.

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