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Over his career, Caleb Caudle has probably been called it all: singer-songwriter, folk, alt-country, roots music, Americana, and of course, country, especially around the momentum behind his latest album, Carolina Ghost, released in February via This Is American Music. Basically they all are words trying to describe his sound as old school country music, you know, before country music became awful.

Well apparently that’s a theme that’s been discussed once or twice with Caleb, and it sure makes for a good T-shirt for any modern day Americana lover. People ask and they shall receive. Caleb Caudle posted on his Instagram:

Caleb Caudle is another strong key figure, with the likes of Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell and more, who are returning country music to what made the genre so great for decades, before record labels figured out they could make a quick buck by creating pop country stars.

You can buy this killer new T while supplies last this weekend at Caleb’s shows with Packway Handle Band in Charlotte, Asheville, and in Atlanta at City Winery on this Friday, August 12th. Or BUY ONLINE HERE before they are all scooped up!

Listen to Caleb Caudle’s “Uphill Battle” off his latest record Carolina Ghost:

More Info on Caleb Caudle:



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