LIVE REVIEW: Muuy Biien @ 529 Atlanta 11/29/17


It’s been a little over a month since Muuy Biien’s latest release, Age of Uncertainty, and Atlanta got the band’s tour started! Last Tuesday Athen’s based Muuy Biien played 529 to a room full of head banging, swaying people. The band formed back in 2011 with Age of Uncertainty being their third full length album. They’ve come a long way since playing house parties in Athens, but their intensity and ability to mesmerize a crowd has remained the same.

Muuy Biien @ 529 Atlanta

“Hurry they’re about to start,” I heard one girl say as she ushered her friend from the bar. The room was lit with dim red lights and filled with anxiousness; frontman Joshua Evans took center and the band immediately exploded into a single off the album “Moral Compass”. Evans reminds us all that it’s fine to let loose by his twisting along with the sultry rhythms; tongue baring all. One song in and the crowd’s in awe of the ambitious post-punk band.

Muuy Biien @ 529 Atlanta

Muuy Biien’s set continued with “Pap Pap” and “Full Dawg”, bringing forth electrifying guitar riffs from member’s Xander Witt and Robbie Rapp that make you feel like you’re in an amped up insane asylum. Every member of the band is involved and not only can you see their passion but it comes at you with such force through their music as well.

Muuy Biien @ 529 Atlanta

Away from the usual fast and aggressiveness, the band slows it down with another new track; a little more funk than punk, “Bitter Blessing”. Smattering’s of eerie guitar haunt throughout while Evan’s vocal delivery channels cool tones. I can’t help but feel like i’m being transformed into a swanky avant garde jazz club. The song was enough to cool everyone down but not for long. One riff into the next song and the audience assumed their role of attending a true punk show; tossing beer cans. The band took control and dove into classics such as “Dust”, “A Letter”, “Fallin Out” and “Psych Song”. Evans grabbed a tambourine at one point and fell to his knees while drummer Jacob Lake thrashed along and orchestrated the moshpit that was happening. The room was full of teeth clenching madness.

Muuy Biien @ 529 Atlanta

Just when everyone was getting started, or so it felt, the show was ending. The band thanked us and tried packing up their gear but we weren’t ready to say goodbye quite yet. Evan’s laughed and said “this has never happened before” in reply to our beg for one more song. A few shouts of requests and the band decided to play one more for us, a cover of The Birthday Party’s “Cry”. Muuy Biien not only has talent; they have ambition. They play to shake up the norm and to give people a different kind of sound. If you aren’t able to catch them on this tour, catch them on the next. This band isn’t going anywhere but farther up the ladder of success. /- Avery Newmark

Check out our photo gallery of Muuy Biien at 529 by Mike Gerry:

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