New Music Tuesday 5/12/15


This week’s New Music Tuesday list includes a bunch of good albums, including the long awaited debut from Nashville’s Great Peacock and many more to be excited for!

Our top 4 picks this week:

Great Peacock

Great Peacock – Making Ghosts: If you have been following along with OpenEars Music over the last few years, then you have probably heard us mention, er well, scream about how amazing Great Peacock is.

We first heard about Great Peacock from a friend that booked them at a tiny venue in Atlanta known for rock ‘n’ roll karaoke. She had just seen Great Peacock at the PASTE showcase at SXSW in 2013 and was trying to get “legit” bands to play this little Atlanta venue. Skeptical, we went to the show, only to walk out with a new favorite band.

Their debut EP was starting to make waves in the blogspheres and immediately became our favorite EP of 2013. Working to get all the music biz pieces together for the proper release of this amazing full length debut, two years later, Making Ghosts finally has arrived. And we couldn’t be happier.

Comprised of the songs from the debut EP, reworked slightly to create a fuller sound, alongside new songs only heard live until now, Making Ghosts, only confirms that Great Peacock is going to be big. They write wonderful songs that are both accessible and challenging. At the core, this Nashville band are folk rock. A little bit country, go see them live and you will see the rock ‘n’ roll take over. The melodies and harmonies are strong, and there are plenty of guitar licks to win over your ears.

Released on the great southern indie label, This Is American Music, if you are a fan of the folk rock genre at all, then prepare to find your new favorite band. Buy their record and go see them live, trust us, you won’t regret it.

Atlanta people, join us this Thursday at The Earl to see Great Peacock, it will be the highlight of your week and ours. We keep thinking they just get better live every time we see them, but then again, we realize they are just that great every time. Check it out for yourself.

patrick watson

Patrick Watson – Love Songs For RobotsPatrick Watson‘s 2012 album, Adventures In Your Own Backyard, was a favorite. This next album is a long time coming and sure doesn’t disappoint. This guy just makes incredible, emotional, intricate music.

From the press release:

“Love Songs For Robots, the highly anticipated fifth record from Patrick Watson, will be released May 12 via Secret City Records. The new music was recorded at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles and Studio Pierre Marchand in Montreal. Of the record, some of which was debuted at private concerts in small loft spaces, Watson explains, “I started thinking about things in a very mechanical way. I found it interesting how we would use our senses to come up with an emotional reaction. As you get older you get to know yourself better and I realized that a lot of my emotional reactions were mechanical responses and that was hugely influential. I didn’t want to be a robot. But the reason why we are superior to computers is that we have emotions and I realized that emotions are mechanical so the only thing left between us and robots is curiosity and inspiration – and I don’t think you can program that into a computer. That’s definitely where I was at when I started writing the record.””

Fort Frances

Fort Frances – No One Needs to Know Our Name:  Chicago’s Fort Frances has been teasing us with small EPs and singles over the last few years. Today, they release an excellent 7 song EP that we have been waiting to get our hands on.

From Fort Frances Facebook on the new EP:

“Our new EP is officially out. It’s called No One Needs to Know Our Name. We started it in Chicago over a year ago. Then, we traveled to the hills of Maine in the fall to finish it. The songs on it move in new directions. At some places, we hope they make you dance. In other places, we hope they help you get weird. In other places, we hope they help you get in touch with your sensitive side. Throughout all of it, we hope you’ll turn it up loud.”

The Tallest Man On Earth

The Tallest Man On Earth – Dark Bird Is Home : From the press release:

The Tallest Man On Earth (aka Sweden’s Kristian Matsson) releases his fourth and fullest album, Dark Bird Is Home, today on Dead Oceans. It is deeper, darker more sophisticated and personal than anything The Tallest Man has previously created. Reliably, the melodies and arrangements are sturdy and classic, and the lyrics and their delivery are both comforting and alarming. You should expect the loudest and proudest songs yet from The Tallest Man On Earth on album number four, but also the softest and the lowest.”

Other albums we are excited to check out this week, and hopefully you will find something you love:

abram shook

Abram Shook – Landscape Dream


Banditos – Banditos



Chappo – Future Former Self


Crocodiles – Boys

elvis depressedly

Elvis Depressedly – New Alhambra

guantanamo baywatch

Guantanamo Baywatch – Darling… It’s Too Late

the holydrug couple

The Holydrug Couple – Moonlust

Juan Wauters

Juan Wauters – Who Me?

rhett miller

Rhett Miller – The Traveler 

roisin murphy

Róisín Murphy – Hairless Toys

sick sad world

Sick Sad World – Fear and Lies

surfer blood 1000 palms

Surfer Blood – 1000 Palms

the weather station

The Weather Station – Loyalty

Listen to all of the albums through our New Music Tuesday playlist on Spotify:



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