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OE Monomania is a weekly playlist of songs that are currently stuck in our head. The songs we can’t quit listening to. Each week we’ve had different contributors, friends that have their own unique taste, but whose taste we respect. So we’ve asked them to tell us what’s currently on repeat. The list is meant to be a place to discover something new, with occasional odes to songs in the past that we’ve always loved. And with bands gearing up to release new albums this year, there are plenty of new singles coming out everyday that we are loving and adding on to our list. These are the tracks we are loving this week with a Spotify playlist at the end for those that love a playlist on the go.

 Alpenglow – “Solitude”

While living in a little house in a Vermont mountain town, Alpenglow made and released their 2014 EP, Chapel, which garnered the band some recognition including tours opening for Lucius, Timber Timbre, and their spiritual guru, Jim James. The band packed up and moved to the city lights of Brooklyn to make their debut album Callisto, due out February 26th, 2016 on Chizu Records. The first single “Solitude” shows the band with groovier rhythms, vintage guitar sounds, and synthesizers and a vocals with a slight, yet upbeat nod to their main man Jim, providing a recipe for a compelling debut album. – MG

Conkarah and Rosie Delmah – “Hello” (Adele Cover)

I’m not personally a heavy Adele or reggae listener, but my resident reggae loving friend posted this viral video on Facebook, and well it’s spot on. I don’t know who Conkarah from Jamaica and Rosie Delmah from The Solomon Islands are, but it’s been cold as hell in Atlanta, we had a snow apocalypse this weekend with a dusting that has me ready for a sandy beach in the Caribbean. And I do believe I’d pay to see Rosie Delmah sing this live, because she absolutely nails it. – MG

Daughter – “Doing The Right Thing”

Daughter’s first full length album, If You Leave,  was one of my most listened to albums of 2014. (Thanks Spotify, for affirming how obsessively I listened to it). With the release of their sophomore album, Not To Disappear, I’ve found myself back in the same place. “Doing The Right Thing,” is about an Alzheimer’s sufferer and hits incredibly close to home for me having watched my grandfather go through the same thing. Looking forward to seeing them again at Terminal West on April 2nd. – JB

Dr. Dog  – “Bring My Baby Back”

Out of the depths of the earth, Dr. Dog is bringing Psychedelic Swamp out for a true spin on the turntable after 15 years of collecting dust. Originally recorded in 2001 the boys brushed off the dust and decided to rework Psychedelic Swamp’s collection of songs. “Bring My Baby Back” screams out to vintage psychedelia while still bringing that classic Dr. Dog sound. Heavier synth and the addition of a drum machine doesn’t stop these guys from pumping out quality indie rock that you find yourself loving and stomping your feet to. Psychedelic Swamp is out February 5th via ANTI-– LP

Elephant Micah – “Demise of the Bible Birds”

Joe O’Connell has been quietly been releasing nearly an album a year since 2001 under the name Elephant Micah. Some have taken notice, namely indie icons like the late Jason Molina (who he shared bills with) and Will Oldham/Bonnie “Prince” Billie (who contributes harmonies to this album). Oldham’s harmonies are evident on this track, which tells the story of a kitschy religious bird performance which was based out of O’Connell’s home state of Indiana. The track’s 1-2-3 waltz is one of the more upbeat moments of Elephant Micah’s new Where in Our Woods LP, and gives a taste of what will make you want to dig into his extensive catalogue of 15 beautiful LPs. – MJ

 Kinder Than Wolves – “Hazel Days”

Perhaps it’s Paige Coley’s vocals or the ambient guitar tones but Orlando’s Kinder Than Wolves debut single from their upcoming debut EP Mean Something, due out April 15, is bliss wrapped in shoegaze. “Hazel Days” feels like a cold wind that hits your face, chilling you down to your toes, only to have a warm winter sun spotlight upon you. – MG

 Låpsley – “Falling Short”

Things are looking big for Låpsley in 2016. LongWayHome, her first full length album is due out March 4th. With that announcement, I have found myself going back to “Falling Short” recently, a track from the Understudy EP and featured on the LongWayHome album sampler last week. At 19, she may be young, but this album sampler proves that she’ll be someone to watch in pop music. – JB

 LOLO – “Not Gonna Let You Walk Away”

This is her first time coming through Eddie’s and I think that after seeing Andra Day here, she’s going to blow the roof off the place with her powerhouse vocals. I love the lazy feel that the guitar creates in this song and I feel like almost anyone could relate to the lyrics in this song. – AC

 Martin Courtney – “Northern Highway”

If you love Real Estate as much as I do, you’ll probably love lead singer Martin Courtney’s solo project as well. Every second of ManyMoons is filled with effortless guitar-based melodies, but I keep coming back to “Northern Highway,” which is the most upbeat track on the album. If you can, I’d definitely suggest making it to one of the few U.S. tour dates that have been announced to support the album. – JB

 Paul McDonald – “Bright Lights”

Paul is one of my favorite artists that comes through Eddie’s. He’s extremely kind, gracious, and always puts on a great show. His music has a strong pop-folk feel to it that I like. I picked this song because it’s got a very positive and uplifting vibe to it and that can be a super refreshing feeling in people’s day-to-day. – AC

Poliça – “Lime Habit”

Minneapolis-based Poliça is back with the upcoming release of their third album United Crushers out March 4th via Mom+Pop.. The experimental synth-pop group recently released their first single off the album named “Lime Habit” a politically fueled lyrical song based on social injustices happening around the country. Channy’s soft but powerful voice helps you float through the rather dark tone of her lyrics, as the backing drum creates this monotone beat. The use of synth brings the build and intensity that’s needed while the bass brings everything together to create this cohesive piece and allows it to melt together. – LP

PURSES – “Wheels on the Run”

One of the great things about Athens, GA is all of the many talented musicians that collaborate and spread themselves amongst multiple bands. New Athens supergroup PURSES is one to keep an eye on that includes Drew Beskin (District Attorneys, Party Dolls), Phillip Brantley (Modern Skirts), Mckendrick Bearden (Grand Vapids), Hunter Morris (Blue Blood, Gift Horse), Jeremy Wheatley (Crooked Fingers, Ruby the Rabbitfoot) and Frank Keith IV (Tedo Stone, The District Attorneys, Party Dolls, Ruby the Rabbitfoot). In advance of releasing their debut album Obsess Much on April 22nd, 2016 via Beskin’s own label Laser Brains, the new band released a double single “Hitchhiker/Wheels on the Run”. On “Wheels on the Run” the band shows a great rock ‘n’ roll sound with catchy harmonies and swirling guitars, that almost feels like a song that you’ll be hearing on your classic rock radio for years to come singing along about your own “one way ticket.” – MG

 Quilt – “Roller”

With the first few singles released from their upcoming album Plaza (out 2/26 via Mexican Summer), the Boston psychedelic folk group Quilt have put us on notice that this could be their best record yet. I’ve loved this band since their debut self titled album from back in 2011 when my friend Emily Hogan (and fellow Monomania contributor) introduced me to Quilt when we were only Twitter acquaintances. The latest single “Roller” shows vocalist Anna Fox Rochinski’s showing off her infectious tone venting about being a wanderer. Quilt has gone from a trio to a quartet, and the band seems poised to continue their ascent in our hearts and ears. – MG

 Rostam – “EOS”

Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij just released a gorgeous new solo track that finds Rostam exploring minimalist production that strays further from his band’s work. Since his last solo outing, Rostam has been working with plenty of pop stars, but here it’s Rostam’s ethereal and buoyant vocals that are front and center at times working alongside a chorus and the airy production and shallow synth line to make a beautiful new track that’s perfect for a late night thinking session. – MG

Skybison – “Envisage” 

Atlanta’s Skybison just released his first EP Envisage back in December, and the titled track just got it’s first video that pairs a beautifully well done piece of motion art with the song’s dreamy mold of ambient textures. Skybison has a way of producing a sound that will sweep you up into another world, allowing the listener the relief that they seek. Is there a better a song for a late night chill session that may result in solving the world’s issues? – MG

 Tracks currently on Spotify all added together into one easy to listen playlist:

 This week’s contributors:  Andrew Chatwood (AC), Marketing Coordinator – Eddie’s Attic; Jessie Brown (JB); Lisa Parish (LP); Mike Gerry (MG); Matt Jarrard (MJ), cellist for Oryx & Crake; 


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