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OE Monomania is a weekly playlist of songs that are currently stuck in our heads. The songs we can’t quit listening to. This week, 2-22-16, we can’t get enough of:

Ashley Shadow – “Tonight”

Longtime Vancouver collaborator Ashley Webber is finally releasing her own album, the Ashley Shadow self titled debut album, out 4/15 on felte. Based on the first single “Tonight” it’s about time! Drawing from her own personal relationships, Ashley wants you to “Lay your guard down tonight”. The spacey single full of reverb, builds upon the emotion of the song, slowly working it’s way into a crescendo when the distortion of the guitar solo kicks into gear. This is one hell of a start for Ashely Shadow. – MG

Benji Hughes – “Freaky Feedback Blues”

Benji HughesSongs In The Key Of Animals–out now via Merge, is his first proper album in 8 years. The experimental pop troubadour out of North Carolina can write the best jingles (Captain Morgan), or his own pop jams that sound so soothingly familiar yet don’t feel at all like the norm. On “Freaky Feedback Blues” Hughes enlists Meshell Ndegeocello on back up vocals, creating a tune with so much soul that just makes you want to get on your feet and groove to the song. Even when things feel ever so slightly cheesy, they still just feel oh so right. This man can do jingles. – MG

The Coathangers – “Nosebleed Weekend”

Atlanta’s garage punk legends The Coathangers are back with the title track from their upcoming new album called Nosebleed Weekend, out April 15 on Suicide Squeeze Records. On “Nosebleed Weekend” the band provides some slightly controlled rage towards the dickheads that deserve your ire, holding back ever so much because karma is going to catch up on idiots who don’t know how to treat others. This is a song you just want to let loose and rage to, and no doubt it will be a hit live. And who know’s, said dickhead may just end up with a bloody nose once karma catches them. – MG

Kins  – “Young”

The London-based band floats on this fine line of Alt-J meets Radiohead with their single “Young” off their most recent EP Cyclical via East City Records (May 2015). The minute the song starts it has this Radiohead, King Of Limbs vibe about it; Thomas Savage’s falsetto has a likeness of  Alt-J’s Joe Newman. Beyond the comparison of the two notable bands, Kins‘ single “Young” is wistful and melodic that manages to capture your attention immediately. – LP

Lera Lynn – “Shape Shifter”

After collecting plenty of notoriety playing a bar singer on HBO’s True Detective, Season 2 alongside her haunting singles written for the show’s soundtrack, Nashville’s Lera Lynn is back with the first single from her upcoming third album Resistor, due out April 29th. On “Shape Shifter” Lynn shows she’s no one trick pony, with a groovy indie rock thumper that veers from her Americana roots. Lynn’s sultry voice shows a new side, lending itself perfectly to a more garage pop sound of some modern day indie buzz bands with 90’s influences. Lera sing anything; she’s one of those rare artists that can pull together fans of quite different genres into one cohesive audience that’s equally blown away by her talents. “Shape Shifter” is the next step in accomplishing that feat. – MG

Mattiel – “Send it on Over”

File this in the didn’t get enough love file because Mattiel will blow you away with “Send it on Over”. Atlanta’s Mattiel released her debut self titled album back in October backed by the Incrowd house band Metronome, who provide an old time garage rock sound to her haunting vocals. The record sounds like it’s straight out of the 60s, but it’s oh so right today. While Mattiel is soul at the core, on “Send it on Over” the band brings a psychedelic and blues element to the mix with Mattiel sounding like the next Grace Slick. This song cuts right to the core. – MG

Mothers – “Copper Mines”

It’s finally release week for Athens, GA’s Mothers, whose debut album When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired (Grand Jury/Wichita, 2/26) drops this Friday. The hype has been building for this group as they have seemingly been showing up on every list of albums to look forward to in 2016 by any site that covers good indie music. I for one have been really looking forward to this debut since I heard the fist few singles, from their hauntingly ethereal folk tunes, to their more garage rock side. “Copper Mines” plays more on the rock side, but Kristine Leschper’s voice will always immediately catch you. She has a unique tone that quivers and cuts to the core, yet with still a slight playful element in the way she pronounces her words that keeps the emotional tone of the song while being able to jump to each element within the song. This song builds up into swirling guitars, until Leschper and the band blows you away with “I’ve buried you in copper mines/ Never mind, never mine” extended. Can’t wait to get my hands on this album. – MG

Mystic Braves – “Great Company”

An album I still haven’t gotten off of came towards the end of 2015, Mystic Braves‘ Days of Yesteryear (Lolipop Records Nov 2015). It’s everything right about psych rock ‘n’ roll and “Great Company” is the perfect example. Every time this song comes on, I immediately want to jump out of my seat and let the band take me on a journey. Mystic Braves are apart of the 60’s garage rock revival in LA’s Echo Park, employing nostalgia without sounding like a retread, and “Great Company” adds a little a layer of pop to the trippy sounds of the organ, sitar and more. – MG

Shovels and Rope – “Patience” (Guns N’ Roses cover)

Back in November, Shovels and Rope released their Busted Jukebox, Volume 1, a collection of 10 cover songs with help from friends such as Shakey Graves, Butch Walker, Lucius, J Roddy Walston And the Business and more. With a hand from The Milk Carton Kids, Shovels and Rope cover GnR’s “Patience” and it sounds like something that could have come straight from the group themselves. Yet it’s still GnR’s “Patience”, keeping the essence of the song, trading girl-guy vocals around the song, harmonizing together, with Carrie Ann nailing it down at the end. It’s so much right on. – MG

Tracks currently on Spotify all added together into one easy to listen playlist that’s updated weekly from this list, sticking at 30 songs max from the last few weeks:

This week’s contributors: Lisa Parish (LP); Mike Gerry (MG)


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