OE Monomania – The Tracks We Can’t Stop Listening To 2-8-16


OE Monomania is a weekly playlist of songs that are currently stuck in our heads. The songs we can’t quit listening to. This week, 2-8-16, we are loving:

Fat White Family – “Whitest Boy on the Beach”

Take this song how you want it, some kind of political conversation, or the literal meaning of the British band moving to Barcelona and finding themselves simply the whitest boys on the beach, the first single from Fat White Family‘s sophomore album Songs for Our Mothers, out now via Fat Possum, will get you dancing and sprawling to a reckless abandonment. The song features a killer baseline backed by flickering synth with frontman Lias Saoudi howling on top, for a song that’s hard not to get entrapped in. – MG

Fox Grin – “Ocean Nocturne”

Atlanta’s Fox Grin have gotten all dreamy on their latest single “Ocean Nocturne” with a breezy sun drenched single that makes me yearn for spring every time I hear this song on a cold, windy Atlanta day; when 65 and sunny was right before that. It’s just such a beautifully simplistic song that scoops you up by the ears and intertwines you within their song as soon as it starts, a song I’m happy to hit repeat as soon as it’s over. The melodies are strong, and damn do I love it. – MG

The Gloomies – “LSD”

From the opening heavy bass line riff and the line “I’ve got you know” the San Diego band The Gloomies indeed have a buzz over their debut single “LSD”. The surf rock/ post-punk band have recently released a 7” with their single “LSD” along with two other songs “Groves” and “Dio” back in October via Thrill Me Records. It’s hard not to compare The Gloomies to a slightly more pop version of Tame Impala. Their single “LSD” leaves you slightly with the same effect that Tame Impala delivers. It brings you down a winding road of an experience as well as allowing you to feel the raw emotion through the song they have created. I’m looking forward to what else The Gloomies have in store! – LP

Hellbirds – “Back From Black” (NPR Tiny Desk Submission)

A few days ago I knew nothing about Hellbirds, then Crocodiles posted on their Facebook this video from their New York friends, a NPR Tiny Desk Submission. I just happened to click for a quick listen, and this song hit me immediately. With a killer rhythm, building, swirling guitars that strike deep the emotion of the song, the song focuses on coming “out of the grave” and “out of your bed”, getting that person, that ex, out of your head. The lyrics and build of the song go hand and hand, ready to completely lose your shit, but able to hold back ever so slightly without losing complete control. Plus this video submission is great, showing the band members playing their different parts and instruments simultaneously as they said “this is what it would look like if you could see all the final takes that go into recording one song in the studio.” The only other info I know about these guys is that this is their first original song they’ve ever posted as they are working on their debut LP. They did happen to release last August a fine and interesting mash up of The Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band meets The Beach Boys Pet Sounds (download for free here) arranged and recorded by Hellbirds including members of Crocodiles, The Black Angels and other friends. This is a band to keep an eye out for. – MG

 La Sera – “High Notes”

Former Vivian Girls member Katy Goodman is back as La Sera with the first single, “High Notes”, off of her fourth album Music For Listening to Music To, out March 4th via Polyvinyl. The new album was recorded live in the studio on analog with Ryan Adams producing, which might explain the slight country twang that works it’s way into La Sera’s familiar garage tinged 50’s pop rock. “High Notes” is a lovable new song as Katy’s soothing, playful vocals guide the song alongside a nice rock sound. – MG

Operators – “Cold Light”

Operators is the synth rock side project of Wolf Parade‘s Dan Boeckner and includes Boeckner’s Divine Fits bandmate Sam Brown on drums and Devojka on keys. Set to release their debut full length Blue Wave, out 4/1 on Last Gang, the band recruited Holy Fuck’s Graham Walsh to produce. On the lead single “Cold Light”, the band shows out as a new wave force as Boeckner’s howls shine throughout the song pleading “do you do you want to dance”, kicking up the synths and forcing the passion throughout your ears. – MG

Rihanna – “Same Ol’ Mistakes”

I admit, I totally laughed when I heard Rihanna would cover Tame Impala‘s “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” from 2015’s amazing record Currents, for her new album ANTI. My first thought was how would she ruin this stellar song? Put some kind of club beat behind it? Kick into full on radio ready for the pop world? So I finally listened to her version. Wow was I wrong. I’m down for any reason to listen to the genius that Kevin Parker is, and the original is welcome on anytime in my house. But here Rihanna doesn’t overthink anything, keeping basically the original essence of the song, only with her singing softly over the song, and actually fitting in perfectly as if it’s her own, if you didn’t already know Rihanna’s past work. Instead what Rihanna has done here is a tribute to Tame Impala, bringing their music to another audience, all while proving Kevin Parker can do anything, destined to be one of our generation’s best. While I know every artist and their mother is going to be beating down Kevin’s door to work with him, here’s to hoping he keeps his concentration with his Tame Impala project for years to come. – MG

Small Reactions – “Sliding Glass Nightmare”

Atlanta nerve pop band Small Reactions took close to 4 years to release their stellar debut album Similar Phantoms in 2014, but the wait won’t be as long for their sophomore album, which is expected later this year. This week Public Radio Sessions revealed a 5 song session they did with Small Reactions under a carport. Included in the sessions were two unrecorded songs that could be on the new album. On the new songs Small Reactions show they haven’t been sitting still with a shuffled lineup including a second guitarist, Ross Politi, replacing keyboard player Sam Jacobsen. On “Sliding Glass Nightmare” the band slightly pairs back the tempo, yet still able to build to the feverish pace through the dual guitars, rhythmic drums, and Scott Hoffman’s hallowing vocals that Small Reactions is known for, setting the band up for their highly anticipated sophomore album. – MG

Superhumanoids – “Anxious In Venice”

The LA-based Superhumanoids deliver you something hauntingly seductive with their single “Anxious In Venice”. The synth-pop band released their album Do You Feel Ok? back in September via Innovative Leisure Records. “Anxious In Venice” brings you this dense 8o’s style synth at the beginning like it is right out of the movie Drive. Sarah Chernoff’s vocal gives off this slightly Kate Bush type of tender footed vibe; seducing you and making you want more of what she’s telling you before she unleashes to the chorus bringing you into the dramatic climax of the song. – LP

Wet Baes – “Midnight Caller”

I have no idea where Wet Baes appeared on my radar recently, but this 18 year old kid from Mexico City nails some sensual 80’s synth pop with “Midnight Caller” that could easily live in a John Hughes movie. The R&B grooves just vibe right along perfectly as Andrés Jaime sings about late-night phone calls with his bae-bae to a romantic beat that could have easily been heard as that special romantic dance back in middle school, four feet apart, with a disco ball lighting the room. “Midnight Caller” is on Wet Baes’ debut EP Youth Attraction, out on Stratford Court (2015).– MG

Tracks currently on Spotify all added together into one easy to listen playlist that’s updated weekly from this list, sticking at 30 songs max from the last few weeks:

This week’s contributors: Lisa Parish (LP); Mike Gerry (MG)


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