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The last few weeks, we’ve had some of our favorite artists (100 Watt Horse, Book of Colors, Omni) take over our Monomania playlist. This week we are taking it back, and on this Monday we are groovin’ hard to new summery tunes. These are the tracks currently stuck on repeat, all wrapped together a one continuously running Spotify playlist, kept up-to-date with 30 songs at a time. Playlist link at the end of the article.

Come get down with us on this Music Monday:

Dent May – “Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love”

Mississippi’s Dent May just signed with Carpark Records and released his first single on the well respected indie label. Details aren’t available yet on his upcoming fourth album, but prepare for “Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love” to live in your head. Like any perfect yacht rock single, you’ll want repeat listens to sing and dance along. It’s inevitable and it’s engrained into what Dent May is doing. The piano lead, disco undertones, guitar flourishes, shimmering synths, all over Dent May’s smooth vocals and witty banter, make this one song that you just can’t resist.

Fantasy Guys – “Lookin’ So Fly”

Atlanta’s Fantasy Guys have released the album of the summer, their debut On Poppy Island.  The whole album, is full of futuristic tropical indie vibes. This song feels like the theme song to a new Nintendo game, “Mario Goes to Hedonism”, and on the theme song, an indie rock band mashed up video game tunes with Sade, while giving it an island vibe to top it off. But don’t let the video game vibes scare you, this is a legit, sexy, smooth tune that will have you dancing and grooving late into the sweaty hot summer nights.

Kishi Bashi – “Say Yeah”

I feel like Kishi Bashi is working some kind of magic wizardry in my ears with new single “Say Yeah”, off the Athens-based artist’s upcoming third full length album, Sonderlust, due out September 16th via Joyful Noise Recordings.  This song shows a slightly new direction for the multi-insturmentalist, showing off perfectly placed synths, mixing dream pop into disco, alongside a majestic flute joining in towards the end of the song. It’s hard not to get completely engulfed by this one.

Mild High Club – “Homage”

The lead single from Mild High Club‘s sophomore LP, Skiptracing, due out 8/26 via Stones Throw, floors me. The jazzy-galaxy expanding sounds, at times sounds like they’ve been listening to The Beatles at their experimental best, but they keep pushing beyond that, mixing in 70’s grooves, with 60’s space psychedelics alongside Alex Brettin’s smooth vocals. It feels so good just to put this on and wander, letting the song take your mind in different directions. Then press repeat and do it again. Then again…

Natural Child – “Sure Is Nice”

Nashville’s country psych rockers Natural Child are back with an upcoming new album, Okey Dokey on their own record label, Natural Child Records and Tapes, set to be released on 9/16. “Sure Is Nice” is a grooooovin new single that just glides along, while at times it seems like the ramblings of a mad man with snippets of lyrics that may seem all over the place, it doesn’t even matter, cause all I know is I sure feel nice when listening to this song.

Shampoo – “Hanging Up on U”

The first single from Atlanta-based Shampoo‘s upcoming new LP, Terrible Heat, due out August 19th via Bear Kids Recordings, is synth pop goodness that stands up to any of the best dream pop bands of today. While the lyrics plead for the person not to tell her what to do, the soothing vocals have a calming effect over the potential argument, yet still with a forceful tone behind them, leaving you not wanting this convo or song to end by getting hung up on. The synths are perfectly placed, and it just grooves so damn hard.

Triathalon – “I Want It”

Savannah-based Triathalon just sound super sexy on their latest single “I Want It”, off their upcoming new EP, Cold Shower, due out September 16th via Broken Circles. Slow R&B grooves, funky and melodic licks, Triathalon will put you right in the mood.

Ultimate Painting – “Bills”

It’s the understated, jangly guitar grooviness from Ultimate Painting‘s new single “Bills” that gets me, the first single from the London duo’s upcoming third LP, due out Sept. 30th via Trouble In Mind. The nonchalant attitude of the song is captured perfectly by the steady guitars swirling around your ears as the rhythmic drumming pulses through. Good for a time to chill, unwind, and forget about the noise around you.

Warehouse – “Reservoir” 

There has been a buzz attached to Atlanta-based Warehouse since Brooklyn-based label Bayonet Records picked up and re-released the post-punk band’s debut Tesseract. That hype is ready to meet potential with the announcement of their sophomore album, due out September 30th, and first single “Reservoir” premiered by NPR. A love song that doesn’t sound like every other love song, more depth lyrically than the standard, “Reservoir” also shows a more melodic side of the band, yet with singer Elaine Edenfield showing off vocally with a beautiful tone, while still mixing in her signature, harsh growling vocals, this single is automatically one of the more interesting and best songs of the year so far in my mind. /- Mike Gerry

All tracks on Spotify added to our “Monomania” playlist (kept fresh with 30 songs at a time) for your on the go playlist needs:


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