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* Back in our purely Instagram days, we started a series called #OpenEarsInfluencers, highlighting an album that had a major influence on artists, music industry folks, and music fiends alike’s love for music, an album that was really a catalyst and started it all for where they currently are in their musical journey. 

Today, as we pick this series back up going forward, we celebrate the release of the first Veruca Salt album in nearly a decade with an influencer post Nina Gordon from Veruca Salt was kind enough to do for us last year.

Nina Gordon, singer and guitar player for Veruca Salt shares her Influential Album:

Linda Ronstadt – Heart Like A Wheel

“This album is as familiar to me as the taste of Skippy peanut butter and the look of my mother’s hands. I have belted out these songs along with Linda since album came out in 1974. I learned to sing harmony by singing along with “When Will I Be Loved” and “Heart Like a Wheel,” and seriously, the sound of “You’re No Good” crackling out of my speakers (this is the same copy my parents bought in ’74) evokes such happiness and sucks me back in time to the mid-seventies. This is some of the best played and performed music from the golden era of California rock. Linda Love Forever.”

Be sure to pick up Veruca Salt’s latest album: Ghost Notes


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