P.R.Sig Photo’s 10 Favorite Photos of 2017

More lists! This OpenEars 2017 Year End coverage comes from P.R.Sig Photo, aka Peter Sigmund, who shot her first show for OE in 2016. Peter is an Atlanta-based photographer who you will probably find around town at a loud rock ‘n’ roll show! (Check out Peter’s work: https://prsigphoto.blogspot.com/) Today, Peter shares with us some of his favorite photos taken at shows in 2017.

10: Can’t Swim, The Masquerade

Can't Swim, Boston Manor, & Have Mercy @ Masquerade Atlanta

Can’t Swim

This band brought a sound with them that was familiar, but new. Based out of New Jersey, I expect them to bring big things in 2018.

9: The Dirty Nil, Center Stage

Against Me!, Bleached, & The Dirty Nil at Center Stage Atlanta

The Dirty Nil

This band was the first act to go on for Against Me’s show that will be mentioned later. They brought a pure rock ‘n’ roll sound and a stage presence to back it up

8: Positive No, The Masquerade

PHOTOS: Beach Slang, Positive No & Pet Symmetry @ Masquerade Atlanta

Positive No

This band were the opener for my second encounter with Beach Slang this year. They brought about a poppy post-rock sound that made me an absolute fan right out of the gate. This was announced as their last show for the foreseeable future due to their drummer needing shoulder surgery. I hope they come back in 2018 stronger than ever.

7: Sheer Mag, The Masquerade

PHOTOS: Sheer Mag @ Masquerade Atlanta 10/16/17

Sheer Mag

Sheer mag brought a seamless, tight set of pure rock n roll. Even though the crowd was thin, they brought their A-game regardless

6: The MovieLife, The Masquerade

PHOTOS: The MovieLife & Iron Chic @ Masquerade Atlanta

The MovieLife

I am so glad that this band has reunited, but even better they put out their first new music in over a decade this year. In my opinion one of the best pop punk records to come out this year. They are coming back to Atlanta in the spring and I couldn’t be more excited about that.

5: Turnstile, The Masquerade

The Story So Far, Turnstile, & Drug Church @ Masquerade Atlanta


Turnstile brought the house down on what in my opinion was an unsuspecting crowd. Mass stage dives from spectators as well as the band themselves. If this is what the new breed of hardcore punk sounds like, then sign me up.

4: Deafheaven, The Masquerade

Deafheaven @ Masquerade Atlanta


Deafheaven is brutally heavy, but at the same time beautifully melodic. If you get a chance to see this band, even if you’re not a metal head, I suggest you do it. Just remember your earplugs.

3: Diarrhea Planet, The Drunken Unicorn

P.R.Sig Photo's 10 Favorite Photos of 2017

Diarrhea Planet

After catching Diarrhea Planet at the Wrecking Ball the year prior, I was elated. They were not only on my bucket list of bands to shoot, but also just to see live in person. When I saw they were coming back through Atlanta at the Drunken Unicorn, I was curious just to go and see how they were going to pull off a 4 guitar setup on such a small stage. From a photography perspective, this set up some amazing shot opportunities due to the fact that they were so packed in on stage that they had to interact with each other.

2: Beach Slang, Variety Playhouse

Beach Slang @ Variety Playhouse 3/21/17

Beach Slang

This was my first time covering Beach Slang for this year, and while they played a longer set during their show at the Masquerade in October, I found this set to be tighter and more seamless due to them being the openers. I also enjoyed the lighting at the playhouse better for photos.

1: Against Me, Center Stage

Against Me!, Bleached, & The Dirty Nil at Center Stage Atlanta

Against Me!

This was the show of the year for me. Not just to shoot but to witness. It had been over a decade since I had been able to see Against Me! And they have only gotten better with age. They ran through a 90 minute set of every song in their catalog that you could possibly want to hear. The show was a life affirming one for me, and so it gets the number one spot.


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