JUST LISTEN: Pampa Folks “Blind Silhouettes”


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JUST LISTEN: Pampa Folks “Blind Silhouettes”

The Deets:

Who: Pampa Folks
Song: “Blind Silhouettes”
Appears On: The first single of their debut EP, Golden Gates EP, releasing on January 17, 2018 via Eklektik / Tipee Records
Current Location: Paris, France
Info: A western theme, soft and retro arrangements; from the musical melting pot of the Mississippi Delta to the current psychedelic pop, Pampa Folks captures on record a modern and colourful panorama of the american roads. Pampa Folks quatuor was born between the atlantic beaches and the parisian basements with the singer and guitarist Thomas Lavernhe; surrounded by drummer Johan Barrer, bassist David Sultan and keyboardist Pierre Lelièvre.
Comments: Pampa Folks take us on a holistic psychedelic journey on their debut single. With a sprawling organ, and western guitars behind the melancholy vocals, “Blind Silhouettes” is a debut of psych folk rock that will stop you in your tracks.


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