Parquet Courts at The Earl – Atlanta


Review and photos by Mike Gerry

Parquet Courts is one of those buzz bands. One of those bands not only the music fans love, but the musicians themselves. They started really kicking into the buzz band realm with 2012’s ‘Light Up Gold’ and it went into overdrive with last year’s ‘Sunbathing Animal’ making tons of year end lists. In late 2014 they released another buzz worthy album as Parkay Quarts with most of the work coming from two of the Brooklyn foursome’s members (Andrew Savage and Austin Brown) doing most of the work with friends.

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The post punk, garage rockers with a buzz sounds like another sold out show in Atlanta, and they didn’t disappoint packing out The Earl to the max. Frontman Andrew Savage even remarked “It’s nice to see all you Johnny come latelies here tonight.  Did you see me on TV?  Is that why you like me now?” No Andrew those people were stuck at the door trying to get into the sold out show.

As soon as we got to The Earl we started seeing all the regular faces you see at good shows around Atlanta. The crowd was ready for the energy they knew Parquet Courts were sure to bring.

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Parquet Courts powered through 20+ songs full steam ahead, not much time for talking, just the music. There was spit flying everywhere, mega energy, and there was even an attempt at some moshing. Though we were told that the night before in Athens, GA had 10xs the crowd energy and moshing. But never the less, this show was exactly what was needed on a Thursday night. The crowd hung on every word, every power chord and banged along as Savage stared out into space, channeling the anger at who/whatever he was staring at, into every word he sung.

After tearing through the set, the show abruptly ended, no encore. Done. And the crowd all stared at each other wondering what had just happened. I always can respect bands that give us the full set without an encore or even joke about the “fake leave”, but that can be the only perceived negative of the night, only because we all wanted more, another 20+ songs right then. See you next time Parquet Courts.

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