Premiere: Brooklyn Songwriter Toby Goodshank’s (of The Moldy Peaches & The Pizza Underground) “Baby It Feels Like I Just Got Cut in Half”. EP Release Party May 17th


Photo Cred: Shervin Lainez

By: Evan Yerega

What can you expect from a member of anti-folk heros Moldy Peaches and everyone’s favorite pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band, Pizza Underground? A catchy pop ditty with acerbic wit, of course. Toby Goodshank delivers (pun intended) and more, with “Baby It Feels Like I Just Got Cut in Half,” off his soon-to-be released EP.

Using the old singer-songwriter trope of disguising heartbreak with an upbeat melody, Goodshank ably describes the feeling of being on the losing end of a lost relationship. But dig a little deeper. The sunny atmosphere and (seemingly) nonchalant tone are a thinly veiled disguise for the pain lingering beneath the surface. By the end, he’s describing himself as a butterfly whose flight was cut short, and he is literally about to break (in half). The symbolism is, in my opinion, universal and masterful.

Toby is releasing a new EP and two new videos during a performance at the Living Room in NYC on May 17th. Be sure to check him out!


5/17 – Living Room – EP and video release party w/ Cal Folger Day, Phoebe Blue and the Make Baleaves, and Preston Spurlock

Here’s the brand spanking new video for “Baby I Feel Like I Just Got Cut in Half”

Stream the new track on Soundcloud:


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