ALBUM PREMIERE: King Kongo Vs. The Plastic Fangs [Split CS]


Australia is a large country that’s been putting out some of the world’s best music for years, but over here in the States, we only get a small sampling of some of the talent that exists. I’ve often found myself wondering what else I’m missing in Australia? What’s the exciting underground scene that would blow me away, yet I’ve never even heard of? Give me some mind boggling Aussies to rock my existence. Enter The Plastic Fangs.

When The Plastic Fangs’ new single “Kickback” first crossed my ears, I was immediately drawn to the sprawling, reverb-drenched anthem. It was presented as “for people who like going to the beach but keep their shirt on”, an apt description for the soaring new song with infectious grooves and guitars that burst through the seams. Formed back in 2003, the Fangs have been a staple of the Brisbane surf-rock landscape for those seeking something outside your everyday garage rock.

The caveat with the new discovery though: The Plastic Fangs’ let it be known that they would be calling it quits after the album launch featuring “Kickback”, which appears on new split cassette: King Kongo Vs. The Plastic Fangs!, officially releasing December 2nd via Valley Heat Records. Guitarist/vocalist Sean Endicott chimed in, “all good things must come to an end, and so too do The Plastic Fangs.

Enter discovery number two: the new album via Valley Heat Records is a split cassette with scuzzy DIY punk grots King Kongo, one of The Plastic Fangs’ oldest gig buddies. After losing my mind listening to the tormented psychedelic surf punk of King Kongo, we went from a song premiere, to the whole damn split album. And what could be more perfect to kick off a raging weekend than King Kongo Vs. The Plastic Fangs:

So the story behind how King Kongo Vs. The Plastic Fangs came to is just one of those things that was meant to be. King Kongo had a bunch of songs lying around, The Plastic Fangs had a completed EP sitting around doing nothing. Both bands had been talking about doing something together for ages. Aware of the Fangs’ dormant recordings, Valley Heat Records approached the band to see if they could help get the songs into the light of day, whilst at the same time, but separately, in talks with King Kongo about a release. Someone suggested doing a split and here it is!

Releasing as a limited run of 45 cassettes with illustrations by local Brisbane artist Jordan Holden, the cover depicts a giant ape battling a fanged beast against a backdrop of Brisbane’s cityscape with the iconic Mount Coot-tha erupting in the distance. Yes PLS and TY.

ALBUM PREMIERE: King Kongo Vs. The Plastic Fangs [Split CS]

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Some Other Fast Facts:
  • The King Kongo A side is called Live at The Lowbrow Lounge, named after Josh’s lounge room where they played a gig once.
  • The Plastic Fangs B side is called Holy Moley and was recorded in early 2016 but had no plans for release until the band were approached by Valley Heat Records.

King Kongo Vs. The Plastic Fangs track listing:

Side A: King Kongo – ‘Live at The Lowbrow Lounge’
A1. Intro
A2. Hot Dogs
A3. Honda City
A4. Sunset Beach
A5. Stingray
A6. Honolulu
A7. Safarai
A8. Don’t Want Nobody

Side B: The Plastic Fangs – ‘Holy Moley’
B1. Never Liked That Dog
B2. Hitting The Bricks
B3. Kickback
B4. Dingo Moon
B5. Van Diemen’s Land
B6. Medic

Genres: surf, punk, lo-fi, garage 

Out December 2nd on Valley Heat Records.

Launch show:
Saturday December 2 @ The Bearded Lady, Brisbane

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King Kongo – Facebook Instagram YouTube 
The Plastic Fangs – Facebook Instagram YouTube 
Valley Heat Records – Facebook Instagram YouTube


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